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GoldFish are coming to London Baby!!!

Just when we thought all hope was lost, and in the pits of depression that we weren't going to get to see the awesomeness of GoldFish any time this year, it's on, and it's on like donkey kong biaaaatch!

You might remember some time ago I told you about GoldFish's new album…We were all pretty bleek when we found out Toast Festival was cancelled this year, because this also meant that we wouldn't get to see GoldFish live in Clapham Common, which if you were at last years gig, was off the frickin hook!

Since I follow GoldFish on Twitter, every week I'd hear about just what an awesome time everyone was having in Ibiza partying to GoldFish on various nights to the extent that it was excruciatingly painful to read, but then it happened, the other night I received an email from Dom of GoldFish, and he brought with him some wicked wicked news! GoldFish are coming to London to play an exclusive 2010 show for the launch of their new album, Get Busy Living.

It's on going down at The Coronet Theatre on Friday 29th October, so get your tickets quick cause early bird tickets are only a tenner… and from the latest tweets, they are selling fast! Get them now at TicketWeb also check out the event page on Facebook for more info.


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