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Jack Parow and Freshlyground Army Of One video

Jack Parow and Freshlyground deliver their love child…Army Of One [Video]

Jack Parow and Freshlyground have just dropped their collaborative epicness upon us...and I won't lie, its pretty damn good... This is the Army Of One video

Jack Parow has been quite a frequent-ish South African music artist of awesomeness here on PharSide since I first blogged about him wayyyy back in 2009 (ja that's already almost 7 years ago!) when Cooler As Ekke unleashed its melodic brilliance on the world.Our boy Jack has come a long way since then, constantly collaborating with other top SA artists like Die Heuwels Fantasties, Francois Van Coke (FokOfPolisieKar) and of course, that other lot, Die Antwoord.It would naturally only be inevitable that Freshlyground would add their name as a notch on Jack Parow's bed post of musical naai's 🙂 Enter, Army of One, a very well orchestrated James Bond theme-style track, which mind you, I wouldn't even be remotely surprised if Freshlyground land the gig for a Bond movie theme song somewhere in the future just like Sam Smith and the likes, because wow! she's definitely got the mustard for it, YOH!The track itself has all the hallmarks of Parow's signature punchy zef rap rhymes, infused beautifully with Zolani Mahola from Freshlyground's jazzy super diva-ish chorus giving an exceptional mix of infused taste.... EISH! its just too good!#ZefspionageNice work guys! you've done well!Army of One is already available for you to download right away on SA iTunes.It will form part of Jack Parow's EP "From Parow With Love" which will be released on 29 January 2016... so look out for it, or just keep an eye on PharSide as you do and you'll know as soon as it gets released.So without further a due, let's have a look at this video we've been talking about...Now check out the 3min "Making Of Army of One" videoEish, that villain dolly in the red hemp is rather nice... Jack, give her my number bru haha 🙂

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