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JR - ColourFULL - Show Dem (Make The Circle Bigger)

Make The Circle Beega! Show Dem! Show Dem!

You know, what is it with South African Hip Hop lately?… you'd swear we're being served with something new and excellent on a weekly basis… SA Music is definately on the rise with international proportions!

On my recent trip to SA, I popped into my usual Durban jol, namely Frankies in Hillcrest, which hosts my good friend DJ Sausage perched in what is quite well known as "The Sausage Box". I was having a chat to Sausage the one night and he told me to listen to this new track that is quite honestly taking the country by storm, I pretty much experienced this storm first hand from all the requests he was getting for it, even straight after he'd just played it…

The track is by an increasingly well known artist who goes by the name of JR who is fast creating a South African anthem which I wouldn't be surprised if it reaches the epic proportions of Mandoza – Nkalakatha as it was back in the day, not to mention it still is massive. The track is called "Show Dem" featuring HHP. Its frickin brilliant!

For those in SA who think they haven't heard the track yet, trust me, you definately have… for those of us in London who haven't heard it yet, this is about to burst into every South African stronghold club such as Joe Cool's in Fulham if not already…

If you wondering what the hell I'm talking about… take a listen to this!

There's a little joke going around SA at the mo…

During the stand off outside the courthouse where the suspects who murdered Eugene Terblanche were, whites stood on one side singing "Die Stem" while blacks stood on the opposite side singing "Kill The Boer"… and there right in the middle of the pack, were six coloured okes bouncing around singing… MAKE THE CIRCLE BEEGA! haha :) (thanks Lurie!)

Have something to say about this? Tjoon it in the comments below bru!

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