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My President is a P.I.M.P

Now this is something that you are going to be hearing quite a bit of, its got VIRAL written all over it... and quite possibly the best thing to come out of Secunda, Mpumalunga ... Am I the only person who actually knows where that is? I think these guys are about to put it on the map... Take it away boys, "My Prezidents a Pimp" by Gate Khahlela, namely Pava Gunz, Hoodsta and Enspektah

Just like it says, this here song is based on Jacob Zuma's habit of impregnating everything that he touches... and then marries it...

one word... AWESOMENESS!

Have a good listen to the lyrics... shear brilliance!

Love it! Well done guys!!! Say it like it is, now that my friends, is DIe Antwoord! 🙂

"Have a baby by my President and be the first lady!" bwahhaa! 🙂

Nice to see this come out just after JZ made an absolute tit out of himself in front of the Queen of all people... 

I guess the "PharSide Epic Fail of the Year Award" so far goes to, JZ, for providing One with a gift, namely a chess set.... just like the one Madiba gave her a few years ago... wah wah wah wahhhhh!
Which one do you reckon is gonna land up in her car boot sale? 🙂

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