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Marky Mark, Rory Eliot, Cammy

Plush Rocked The Boat!

South African band, Plush played their last gig of their European Tour on a boat on the Thames, supported by what I'd later call, a dude thats gonna go a looooong way... Joe Robbins

A couple Saturdays ago, myself, the boys and two dolls popped onto a boat on the Thames for what was to be Plush's last gig of their European tour. The jol started out as your typical Thames booze cruise, lots of booze, swaying floors and 90% of the people on the boat, crammed into the little open air section on the bow (front of the boat for all you inland disadvantaged children) chain smoking and talking shit. That was until I popped upstairs to grab another dop, and at the moment what I witnessed was something that made me stop and think... hold the fuck on, this oke sounds frickin AMAZING!... that person my friends, was Joe Robbins... now when I tell you I walk passed buskers everyday, seen a million singer/songwriters play, but when the sound of this dude's music literally slaps you in the face from out of nowhere, you've gotta know that this dude is frickin phenominal! I'm not gonna say too much on the subject since I feel Joe deserves his very own post on PharSide which I'll put up in the next few days, but I will show you this video of him playing at another gig in London as a taster...

Now Plush have been around for some time now, they've had their ups, and certainly had their downs but the fact of the matter is, these boys keep raging on and just keep getting better 'n better. To date, with three albums that you'll find you have on permanent repeat on your iPod (true story... I've got them playing through my speakers right now) I can't see an end to this touch of thoroughbred South African creative genius. Lucky for me, I've had the pleasure of seeing Plush play live quite a few times now... Splashy, Shepherds Bush Empire and Down South to name a few, but this gig just blew me away into places where astronomers like to use words like nebula and stuff like that. The boys had the crowd huddled up literally at spitting distance as if it was a fully unplugged gig and Rory had a really quite voice which was obviously not the case cause sadly with every video I took, it would appear that I was standing a little too close to the speakers, which means they were all quite distorted which is a shame. The boys belted out all their well known tracks with the entire crowd singing along word for word as if they part of the backup vocals that would put Wembley Stadium to shame...especially during "Halo", need I say more? I bet people walking along the South Bank must have heard pretty loud and clear which song was being played that evening. Don't even get me started on the sense of disappointment when Rory announced the last song, an instant case of severe depression set in. The acoustic rock style of music that Plush play is my personal favourite, so you can just imagine the appreciation I have for these guys.Marky Mark, Rory Eliot, Cammy

The atmosphere and the style of Plush's music set the perfect scene for a memory that will last for a hellova long time... pure escape... detached from the rest of the world and its problems, we were on a boat, and Plush ROCKED IT!

Guys... here's to you my friends! Big Thanks to you! That was one jol for the memory banks... three words... AWE-SOME-NESS 🙂

I guess this goes without saying... get your butts back over here soon as mkay!

Check out this unbelievable video of the evening put together by Paul Steele of Native Noise (make sure you check out his stuff!)

Did you spot Marky Mark, Danger Boy, Gez and The Boschman in there? haha 🙂

Check out all the awesome photos from the evening at Native Noise

Big thanks to Andrew Clayton from Pedal Studio for organising the boat... to Melly Mouse for organising us tickets and not to mention the Maritzburg College okes who shared their reunion with us... did you okes know there was this little dodgy ex-Linpark laaitjie gatecrashing your party?... not to mention a few ex-Kearsney boys aswell... oh ja, and one D.H.S boy (No names mentioned to protect The Boschman) haha 🙂

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I'll leave you with this... a little something from Plush for all of us over here... enjoy 🙂

Plush from taxijam on Vimeo.

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