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The Fray rock the Royal Albert Hall

The Fray completely rocked the Royal Albert Hall hands down!

This evening myself and The Jen headed over to The Royal Albert Hall to catch one of my all time favourite bands, The Fray for their long awaited show. Its the first time I've been to the venue and was completely thrown back by its awesomeness, no wonder thats where the Queen herself likes to jol. One must also be quite impressed with thus magnificent awesomeness. It turned out to be an extremely intimate gig due to the venue and because of the fact that our seats where literally within about 3 meters of the stage, to the extent that if Isaac Slade felt the need to hock a loogy whilst he belowed through the mic standing on the monitors as he did, it probably would have landed on us. They rang out with just about every song off their two albums, 'How To Save a Life' and 'The Fray' ending up with quite a long set which took us from 8:45pm through till just about 11pm. They did a pretty cool cover version of a Kanye West song during their encore, 'Heartless' I believe it was. My only disappointment for the show was that they didn't play one of my all time Fray favourites, 'Look After You', but when I say disappointment, it was hardly a spec of dust on the giant window pane that was this awesome show. They really outdid themselves this time as the previous show that I saw them at The Hammersmith Apollo, was a bit of a slight let down in regard to stage presence. Now I'd like to point out that I was mainly there for the music but unfortunately it seemed as if they came on, did there thing and went straight off again, but this time it was the absolute and no holds barred complete opposite. Isaac communicated with the crowd on such a level by getting everyone to do this little hip hop hand gesture during the Kanye West song and getting everyone to pull out there cellphones to create a twinkling star effect throughout the venue, to telling stories of wooing his bird when they first met and generally acting the fool which was pretty wicked. Now I'll tell you, this was probably the best gig I've been to in the sense of possibly taking the best photos ever however as my luck would have it, the first fail was that I forgot to take my camera to work with me this morning as I went straight from there, and the second fail came in where I couldn't get the camera on my phone to work properly, so I landed up with no photos and no videos...lovely.All in all, if you missed it, you missed out big, catch them the next time they come around which should be in the next year or so as they stop off in London quite often, I know I'll definately be there.

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