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Photo by: Marcus Maschwitz
Photo by: Marcus Maschwitz

WHAT NOW Release ‘Move Like Sinner’ Video… This is EPIC!

Durban born and bred London based Rock Band, WHAT NOW, have just released their video for Move Like A Sinner and oh my deary goodness… its pretty damn hot!

Photo by: Marcus Maschwitz

Photo by: Marcus Maschwitz

Its no secret that I am one of WHAT NOW‘s biggest fans, these boys never hang around on one level, they just keep moving up and up. Just recently they released the video for my most favourite track to date… Move Like A Sinner… obviously since the boys are my mates, I got a little taster to the song with an intimate unplugged performance of the song a little while back and thats when I absolutely fell in love with it… this is down right Rock Chart material!

You will find yourself listening to the song over and over and over and over…. its that flipping good!

oh and the video itself is quite steamy :)

Move Like A Sinner comes off their latest album which will be out on 11 March 2013 entitled, Move Like A Sinner… this is definitely one I will be purchasing the second it gets released, because if this song alone is anything to go by, then oh dear… we’re in for a touch of AWESOME! but don’t worry, I’ll certainly be reminding you of this on the day!

Check out What Now’s Website and best you make it to their latest gig at The Lexington in London on 24 January 2013

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