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WHAT NOW Release “Run” Music Video

Our three favourite London based rocker boys from Durban, WHAT NOW have unleashed their "Run" music video upon the masses... and oh dear you have to listen to this!

Adam, Ryan and Tyron are back with another superb addition to their growing collection of wicked music videos compliment their growing list of next level tracks. The latest installment is the track Run off their ridiculously awesome EP, Take Control < < < nab it right now on iTunes

The video itself appears to be a culmination of each band member acting out bits of their favourite movies, Ryan's is obviously The Karate Kid, Tyron's is Rocky... but Adam's isn't too obvious for the pre-thirty something year old... comment below if you can guess it 🙂

Kiff Wrestler Gimp mask Justin haha 🙂 maybe one day I'll get a cameo spot in a What Now video 🙂 hint hint nudge nudge 🙂 Hopefully soon because you know when you've just got that gut feeling that these boys are going places... and fast... so gotta get in there quick before I have to contend with proper celebrities 🙂

How effing awesome is that song! you've gotta admit, the standard of music these three lads are pushing out is absolutely phenomenal, I won't be lying if I rate them up there with some my favourite bands such as Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana... I could have you here all day rattling through my list 🙂 and yes, each of their tracks are frequently played on my iPhone.

Here's a bit of hot info, if you're lucky enough to be in attendance for Splashy Fen Music Festival in SA this year... you'll recognise these three lads headlining... trust me, you WILL be absolutely blown away!

Check out the videos for their other tracks, here and here and here, which I still can't decide which is the best, it's seriously that tough to decide...

Don't forget to check out the link on the right hand side of the page and get their Take Control EP on iTunes right now!

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