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What Now

What Now – Toy Soldiers… the taster

What Now have just recently thrown us a little taster of whats to come on their coming out on 15th November 2010 called ""

If you follow one of PharSide's favourite bands and good friends, What Now on Facebook or checked out their MySpace page, you may have noticed that they've dropped us a little something that will be released with their up coming EP "Take Control" which will be out on 15th November 2010.

The boys spent the whole of last weekend filming a video and judging by the photos, its gonna look pretty schweet.

The song in question is called , which to tell you the honest truth, if this is a taster, then this album is set to blow you away… have a little listen and see for yourself 🙂 You'll be blown away by this alone…

Not bad for three boys from Durban ey 🙂

This is already on the playlist for this Sunday's instalment of PharSide LIVE which will be at 5pm (UK Time) sharp, right here on PharSide, so make sure you check it out. Check out the PharSide Facebook Page for updates


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