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Riaan Cruywagen’s Last News Bulletin [VIDEO]

Riaan Cruywagen reads the news one last time on SABC News marking the end of an era... lets take a look at his last bulletin...

Tonight on SABC 2 News, the legend that is, Riaan Cruywagen, the man with the hair that never changed and who is synonymous with SA News, read the news one last time and bid the country farewell after a whopping 37 years gracing the South African news television...And here it is... Riaan reads the news one last time... in a great farewell edition 🙂Here's one moment in Riaan's career where he didn't manage to keep a straight face 🙂hahhaa 🙂 you can't help but laugh with him 🙂And lets not forget how Riaan showed us how to be awesome!And of course the unforgettable 33rd Annual Loerie Awards Promo that he did.. LIKE A BOSS 🙂What a legend!Here's 10 Awesome Facts about Riaan Cruywagen from 24.com 🙂1. Riaan began his career as a journalist in 1965 when he started working part time at the SABC in Cape Town, while studying at the University of Stellenbosch.2. Riaan presented his first news bulletin on 26 November 1975 at 20:00, and he still remembers the first story he read on that night: the sentencing of Breyten Breytenbach to nine years in jail.3. After contract disputes in the mid-2000′s, the Afrikaans-band Zinkplaat wrote a song called Waar’s Riaan, referring to his absence from the news team for a while.4. In an interview with Sarie magazine, Riaan claimed that he does not see himself as a celebrity, but rather someone who is delivering a service to his country.5. Riaan also appeared on Who Do You Think You Are SA, the popular show that delves into your family history and traces your roots.6. His famous advert for the 2011 Loerie Awards (where he is chilling with some models in a jacuzzi), has been viewed more than 63 000 times on YouTube.7. Apart from being the voice artist for the popular kids show Haas Das se Nuuskas, Riaan also lent his voice to various characters in Liewe Heksie.8. Riaan is the SABC’s longest serving news anchor since 1975.9. Some of the awards on his mantelpiece include an ATKV award for Afrikaans Icon, Best Male TV presenter from the Edgards Club and an Excellence in Radio and TV Presentation from the Community of Randburg.10. When Riaan signs off for the last time on 26 November, he will have delivered more than 7 000 news bulletins since 1975.All the best Riaan, South African News Bulletins will never be the same again without you, thanks for the memories may your legacy live on for many many years in broadcasting!

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