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You HAVE To Get Yourself a Copy Of The Rugby Panel – Revenge Of The Naas

If there is one CD you need to get yourself this year, it's the hilariously funny, Revenge Of The Naas by The Rugby Panel, now available for download on iTunes!

If you religiously listen to The Rugby Panel every Monday and Friday on Ballz Radio then I guess this needs absolutely no introduction, you'll be well aware of the hilarity of the comedy genius that is Simon Hill's The Rugby Panel. However just to bring those soon to be previously disadvantaged people up to speed, The Rugby Panel consists of a short comedy sketch by Simon who does the voices for Hugh Bladen, Joel Stransky, Pieter De Villiers, John Plumtree, Naas Botha and a newcomer to the show every so often. At no time does this little bit of comedy brilliance ever fail to have me giggling like a little girl at my desk at work while I have Ballz Radio through my headphones. To give you a little taster... have a little listen to thisSheer brilliance!So believe it or not, The Rugby Panel now has its own feature-length CD available at Look and Listen stores in South Africa called Revenge Of The Naas, however for all us clowns that don't have a friendly Look & Listen where ever we are, you may download a copy of the UNCENSORED version, directly from iTunes Available right here for a measly little £7.99 for the whole 22 track album. I bought my own copy a few days ago it my oh my, I was sitting at my desk at work having a little listen and was in complete stitches, giggling like a little girl to the extent that people started staring, no word of a lie, it is absolutely fantastically hilariously brilliant, its UNBELIEVABLE! .. so brilliant that I think it deserved its very own post. If you need something to lighten up your Monday then there is only one thing I can prescribe to you right now and it will work better than any anti-depressant on the market. Well guess what, its Monday kids, and no doubt you are struggling  to get through it, head over to iTunes right now and get yourself a copy... if you're cool enough to roll with an iPhone, even better since you can purchase and download the entire album to your phone right away... like a boss!I'm not going to tell you anything about what the CD contains since I'll let you enjoy the story as it unfolds, but be prepared to have a few rather aching stomach muscles by the end of it.BTW, if you were wondering just what to get your Ballie in SA for Christmas... well, there you have it... you can tick him off your list since it's the perfect gift to get him.And just incase you were thinking about asking me if you could copy it from me... then please standby for this very short message from Div...A Message from DivSuperb!What are you waiting for, go get your blerrie copy now mkay! geeeez! 🙂P.S. Don't forget to catch the Rugby Panel this afternoon on Ballz Radio... gonna be a goodie following the Bok win over Scotland this weekend... which I was at... wearing Long Johns and still freezing my little plums off 🙂 Looking forward to watching the boys at Twickers this coming weekendThe Rugby Panel presents Revenge Of The Naas - iTunes UK - £7.99The Rugby Panel presents Revenge Of The Naas - iTunes US - $9.99The Rugby Panel presents Revenge Of The Naas - iTunes AUS - AUS$16.99The Rugby Panel presents Revenge Of The Naas - iTunes NZ - NZ$18.99SA Customers, get your hard copy at Look and Listen (although they really do have the genre incorrect, since its 95% in English) 

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