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Get A Pic With Marky In Scotland This Weekend And Win Yourself £100

I’m going to be in Scotland this weekend for the SA vs Scotland Rugby Test… here’s how you can pocket yourself a quick £100 if you keep your eyes peeled…

This weekend I will be taking The Black Mamba on a little road trip to Scotland. Edinburgh to be precise, to attend this little Rugby match between the Springboks and Scotland, so I thought I’d give you lot up north to finally get yourselves involved in a little bit of PharSide awesomeness since those down south in London always seem to have all the fun…

So we’re gonna play a little game over the weekend where you could bag yourself an easy £100.

Its very simple, all you’ve got to do is keep a look out for me in Edinburgh over the weekend (you know I’m already going to be at the game) and if you spot me wearing my very easy to spot red PharSide cap, come say howzit and get a pic with me. Then all you’ve got to do is put the photo on Facebook and tag the PharSide Facebook Page in the pic. On this coming Monday evening, I’ll draw a lucky winner and that person will be £100 richer! simples!

Incase you’re new to PharSide and not familiar with what a dashing red PharSide cap looks like, then here’s a pic of one … also thats me wearing it at the top of the page :)

So keep a keen eye at the game this weekend and your pic could be worth £100

So you all at the game!