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Howz This For A “Marriage Contract”

You get some pretty screwed up people in this world, check out this "marriage contract" this oke drew up for his betty… hectic!

Travis Frey, a 33 year old dude from Iowa in the US who didn't seem to learn the first time around as he's already got a record for child porn, was charged with attempting to kidnap his own wife and turn her into some sort of sex slave as it seems.

This freakshow drew up a 4 page document which specified "guide lines" on hygiene, dress code and sexual slavery activities. He even was nice enough to also give her some leeway with "Good Behaviour Days". Naturally his wife handed this over to the police, unsigned of course

You'll be pretty amazed at the nerve this oke actually had, check it out… (click to enlarge)

Now lets just put this into perspective, did this oke honestly think that a person in their right mind would happily sign that contract… without even getting paid for it? I think not.

This oke obviously believes he's a bigger playa than Hugh Hefner because even Hugh Hefner needed to be the owner of PlayBoy , have a huge pimped out mansion and be a massive celebrity to have hot young little angels keep his Mr. Happy, happy… and those girls still have a choice to participate in his nightly viagra infused rituals too, not to mention the huge list of "benefits" his girls receive for participating.

While most guys would all love to be Hugh Hefner and have their very own "Girl Of The PlayBoy Mansion" the reality of life is that there's a better chance of hell freezing over than that ever happening… unless you're Charlie Sheen of course :)

This oke is clearly a dreamer… a big one at that too

Shame, at least he tried… and boldly went where no man has gone before :)

[Thanks Paul and Casey]