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PA Secretary Job Available – Fugly Munters Need Not Apply

This job vacancy was posted on JobSpace in South Africa last week… and they are quite particular on who they want to bring on board… 

Check this ad posted for a job in Maritzburg on JobSpace last week, this oke is wasting no time in saying, he wants a hot, blonde point road local who wont have a problem with giving him a few blow jobs and "desk jobs" when required. 

Quite sleazy don't you think?… send your CV and recent pics so the oke can have a moment with himself, your pics and a big tub of Vaseline… 

provided you have a flirtateous nature, and a wardrobe that will send my imagination tingling. Please note that you will be required to be open minded and mix business with loads of pleasure. Experience is not vital, what matters is your looks, and your ability to hold a conversation. All that needs to be learnt will be taught to you.The role will require international travel, and a host of benefits to ensure that you are handsomely compensated for your indulgance. You must have strong communication skills, be smart, confident and willing to do all that I ask of you.

hahhaa :) for realzies? Can you actually say shit like that in a job vacancy? Sounds like a proper old slimy pervert!

Should have just gone for Friday lunch at Teasers in Durbs and started recruiting… although I think those dolls make a lot more than he's offering…. if the one night I was there a couple years ago is anything to go by… Hey Fellow  haha :)

Surprised he 's not paying by the hour… :)