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Live London Riot Info Updates and Map

London is going nuts at the moment with riots and looting starting in various areas, check here if your area is under threat and advise if you receive information to make people aware…. Stay indoors!

If your area is being hit please update the feed below. Please use -Verified or -Unverified in your update



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Verified London Riot Map
View London riots / UK riots: verified areas in a larger map

Sky News Feed

Greek PM Tsipras Urges 'No' Vote On Bailout - Wed, 1 Jul 2015
Alexis Tsipras says a "no" vote will not send Greece crashing out of the eurozone, but will deliver a better bailout deal.

Tunisia: Bodies Of Eight Victims Back In UK - Wed, 1 Jul 2015
Relatives of those on board weep and comfort each other as the RAF C-17 aircraft touches down at Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

Wimbledon Evacuated After Fire Alert - Wed, 1 Jul 2015
An estimated 3,000 people have been evacuated from Wimbledon's grounds following a fire alert near Centre Court.

Britain Basks In Hottest July Day On Record - Wed, 1 Jul 2015
It was officially the hottest July day on record, with a high temperature of 36.7C recorded at Heathrow Airport.

How Hot Are You? Britain's Top Temperatures - Wed, 1 Jul 2015
As the UK sizzles in temperatures of more than 36C, find out how things are warming up near you on the hottest day of the year.

Teen Girls 'Inflicted 100 Injuries On Woman' - Wed, 1 Jul 2015
Two girls, aged 14 and 15, are on trial after the battered body of Angela Wrightson, 39, was found at her home in Hartlepool.

Google Photo App Labels Black Couple 'Gorillas' - Wed, 1 Jul 2015
The internet giant says it is "appalled" after its software mistakenly tagged an African-American man and his friend.

Family Of 12 Feared To Have Gone To Syria - Wed, 1 Jul 2015
Relatives of the group from Luton say they must have been "tricked into going there" and call on them to make contact.

Boy Died As Mum Pushed Him On Swing For Two Days - Wed, 1 Jul 2015
The mother, who suffered with mental health issues, had been pushing her three-year-old son for 44 hours when his body was found.

Dolphin Leaps Onto Boat Breaking Woman's Ankles - Wed, 1 Jul 2015
The panicking animal landed on top of Chrissie Frickman and "punched" her daughter, according to her husband.

UPDATE: This is what these idiots are like… do you think respect is due?…not in the slightest

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