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UK Customs seize 165kg’s of Heroin…..from Durban!

EISH!, howz this…

UK Customs Officials at Hearthrow Airport smelt a rat, or should I say the rat was possibly re-enacting a scene from Trainspotting when they stopped a shipment of Curios and Souvenirs passing through the airport from Durban, South Africa.

On having a closer little peek, they uncovered 165kgs of heroin hidden inside the souvenirs.

Serious Organised Crime Agency officials were then alerted and let to a house in Maidstone, Kent where even more smack was found.

Further investigations were made and more searches back in sunny Debben by the sea were carried out resulting in further finds.

A total of 360 kg’s of heroin and 6500 kg’s of Hash, yes 6.5 TONS of hash was found… EISH!

This amounted to an estimated street value of £25m! Crikey! imagine converting that to Ront, I bet someone is not a very happy bunny.

A few of the parcels from the bust

A few of the parcels from the bust

Apparently 7 arrests have been made of which 5 were made in South Africa and 2 here in England.

And you wonder why sometimes those okes at Passport Control give you a hard time when you get back from a SA holiday.

EISH! all I can say is, EPIC Drug Smuggle FAIL!


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