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But would have been better as a six pack :)

Only in SA! Beer Braai Packs!

hahaha 🙂 I had to laugh at this today... it definately qualifies for an "Only in SA" stamp of approval, not because the cans clearly say Castle Lager but whoever came up with this is an absolute genius but also probably the worlds dumbest idiot... Who rocks up at a braai with one can of beer.... at any braai, at the very least a 6 pack should have been consumed before even opening a braai pack... this is because us okes become the worlds best gourmet braai masters / chefs after a couple dops... trust me, I can prove this to you, just come home with me after a night out on the razzle in Wimbledon and tell me you are a little peckish... I'll cook up a storm that would rival that of Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay hands down! haha 🙂 It'll be the most exotic yet delicious meal you've ever had 🙂But would have been better as a six pack :)

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