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Need To Send Money To Or From South Africa? …How About We Give You £300 To Do Just That?

PharSide has teamed up with 1st Contact Forex to help you get excellent rates to send money to and from South Africa from anywhere in the world...but about that £300 sterling...

As PharSide continues to grow to epic proportions we are constantly looking at better ways to keep those outside South Africa more connected and feeling closer to their family and friends in South Africa... and vice versa obviously.Now one great way to do just that, is by making it even simpler and easier to send money to and from South Africa for birthdays, Christmas, a new hat for Tannie Barb, you name it.....and you will not believe how ridiculously simple it's become.... like proper quick and simple!People who have used other methods in the past will know how tedious, archaic and time consuming it's been to send bucks to SA. Personally, I also used those methods over the years and felt exactly the same, it sucks.So after asking around I found 1st Contact Forex, which I've personally been using for about four years now to send money to SA, for anything from charity initiatives to helping a mate out that needed extra bucks because he spent all his money on Phuza Thursday last week...and yes, it reaches them chop chop.So with that said, we've decided to team up with 1st Contact to get all you PharSide readers the same level of money transfer awesomeness that you should be getting... and to get you nice and warmed up, we've also managed to swindle a tasty £300 sterling to be won... and existing customers can enter as well YAY! 🙂To enter is really simple:  If you're not already a 1st Contact Forex Customer, simply register via the link below and you'll be entered into the draw, there's no need to send money, just simply register, that's it.For existing customers, since you're already registered, all you need to do is simply comment on this post on our Facebook page and tell us what you think is great about using 1st Contact Forex, whether it's how ridiculously fast the service is or its ease of use, you decide.That's it, on 31st March 2016, 1st Contact will do a draw and one of you lucky buggers will be £300 richer, howz that!?!...Now for those who live in SA if you convert that £300 into Rands, Yoh! that's not going to be a shabby little pot of cash that's for sure. 🙂

So click here to quickly register your dashing new PharSide 1st Contact Forex Account

Or for existing customers...Click here to head over to our Facebook page to enter by leaving a comment on the article telling us what you think is great about using the 1st Contact Money Transfer Service.Don't say we don't look after you guys...your money transfer woes are as good as gone from now on 🙂

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