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South Africa Will Be Shutting Down Home Affairs…Temporarily

The South African Department of Home Affairs will be shutting down due to necessary upgrades to systems to improve services... make sure you will not be affected with your ID and Passport Applications.

The Department of Home Affairs have issued a statement saying that from 27 November to 3rd December 2015, systems upgrades to improve services will be performed on the Live Capture system which will affect all 140 Home Affairs offices.This means that they will not be able to accept any new ID and Passport applications during this time.So if you think you may need to apply for your ID or Passport over the next few days, don't be a bit of a doffie and wait until the 27th to go do it because you'll be met with a lekker case of "Swipe Denied" until the 3rd December.Although unconfirmed, this is quite possibly going to cause a delay on overseas applications, especially Emergency Travel Certificates (similar to the old now redundant temp passports), so if you think you may be affected and cannot wait those few extra days, then best you contact your local SA Consulate for details.

Head honcho of Home Affairs, Director General Mkhuseli Apleni said:

“For our staff, especially supervisors, this means working overtime on Sunday 29 November, for a successful upgrade and a speedy recovery to normal services as planned,”.

Home Affairs will be in full swing again on 3 December 2015

Home Affairs have also asked for people that have not collected their ID cards and Passports to please do so, cause howz this? Over 95 825 Smart ID cards, 75 517  SA ID books and 51 946 SA passports that have not yet been collected by their respective applicants... HAIBO!

[Source: SouthAfrica.info]

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