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Fun Walk For Mandela Day In London

Join Marky on the Long Walk For Mandela Day in London whilst enjoying a relaxed walk being outside in the fresh and London sun... not to mention walking for the purpose of dedicating your 67mins (and more) to Nelson Mandela.

IMG_0417If you still don't have an idea what you want to do for Mandela Day tomorrow, Saturday 18th July, then come join me for a little fun walk (dubbed The Long Walk For Mandela Day) from Wimbledon Station in London to the statue of Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square Westminster. The journey is only 12km, it may sound like a lot but it really isn't, especially when you're enjoying yourself with a few people, and remember, "it always seems impossible until it is done" 🙂 The journey itself is a reasonably scenic route (mostly towards the end naturally). It is the route is strategically planned around train stations so that you can join at many points along the way, however you will need to gauge the time yourself. The journey should take approx 2.5hrs in total, Clapham Junction is more or less the half way point. We begin at Wimbledon Station, on past Wimbledon Park Station, Earlsfield, Clapham Junction, Queenstown Road, Vauxhall, along the very scenic south side of the Thames from Vauxhall to Westminster near the Houses Of Parliament where Parliament Square in located.Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 12.02.59Click map for route on Google MapsI will be updating on our whereabouts via the PharSide Facebook Page along the waySo come and join us for a great morning out in the fresh air, feeling great and walking with a purpose to dedicate your 67mins for #MandelaDay.I've been walking the route there and back all week, its a really nice walk 🙂We will be leaving Wimbledon Station at 8am SHARP! So please don't be late else you'll be playing catch up... this is due to the Springboks vs Australia Rugby game on at 11am which is being shown at GJ's Sports Bar in Wandsworth. We'll be shooting across to GJ's Sports Bar to grab some good food after the journey aswell as enjoy the game.GJ's have also now offered a dik SA Farmhouse breakfast for a fiver and then FREE Hog Roast to the walkers later on! Thanks GJ's! 🙂So bring your SA Flags, Madiba T-Shirts or just simply bring yourself for a good time, I promise you'll feel absolutely great at the end of it. It really is a great way to loosen up a bit and get the body moving in a nice smooth not overly exerting way.Look forward to see you tomorrow, I'm not expecting a massive group so will be nice and casual.Start: Wimbledon Station (Main Entrance near the taxi rank) I'll be there in my signature Red PharSide Cap.Time: 8am SHARP!What should you bring?: Light clothing, something that isn't going to chafe the hell out of you (guys if you want to know a pain worse than you will ever know, go ahead and wear loose cotton boxers haha)  decent comfortable shoes to walk in, preferably trainers, change for refreshments along the way or just bring your own water etc.NB: Please walk responsibly at your own risk adhering to all road traffic laws. The last thing we want is for something to happen to someone because they were being a bit dof... 🙂Mandela-Day-Logo

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