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Jean Du Plessis and Alpha

Awesome Couple Invite Car Guard To Dine With Them

A couple from Johannesburg went out for what started out as a pretty standard steak night... and then awesomeness happened!

Last Thursday evening Jean and Tammy Du Plessis heading out for a bit of a steak night at what appears to be a nearby Spur Restaurant in Johannesburg.Whilst ordering, the waitress advised them of the special that was on that evening. The special was a buy two get one free on steak, however she advised that the free steak was not a takeaway option.Now not everyone, but many people may pass up the opportunity given that they may not finish the third, and wouldn't want it to go to waste, however Jean had better ideas.Let's just say this legend of a man improvised somewhat and decided to do something a little out of the ordinary if you could say.So what did he do?... Well he walked out the restaurant and invited one of the Car Guards to come and join them and enjoy the 3rd steak of course. 🙂WHAT AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND! We'll give a PGA clap to that hole in one!It really is true that at times the simplest little gesture can really generate a massive wave of epic awesomeness. During  their dinner, Tammy decided to pop a little photo of Jean and the Car Guard, named Alpha, with the little story on Facebook and the post is going viral!Tammy reckons that they enjoyed Alpha talk about his life, which is really cool as it builds compassion and understanding to listen to people's stories, they ate together, prayed together and enjoyed a good laugh.How awesome is that! The world needs more people like this. Jean and Tammy, we're so damn proud of you cats! Well flippen done! Inspirational! Remarkable! 🙂Check out the original post below...If you liked the post, make sure you spread this bit of epic awesomeness with your friends...cause we all know the world needs to hear a lot more stories like this 🙂Have an awesome day!
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