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Dave Bosman 1000 mile Skate
Dave Bosman 1000 mile Skate

South African On A 1000 Mile Journey Across The UK…On A Skateboard

Legendary South African, Dave Bosman is making an incredibly epic 1000 mile journey covering the entire length of the UK from John O'Groats to Lands End... on a skateboard... and he's doing it for a remarkable cause!

Dave Bosman, one very remarkable human being who has an abundant amount of true South African spirit in him, set out of a six week journey covering 1000 miles from John O'Groats at the very top tip of Scotland all the way down to Land's End at the southernmost most tip of England... on a flippen penny board!... but what's also just as mind blowing is he's almost done it...he has one week left!

The Mission

I spoke with Dave this evening to find out how he's feeling and how the journey has been so far, the stories he told were phenomenal, he attempted to explain how tough it is, but as expected, he just cannot find the words that would truly express the sheer difficulty of this challenge. He says it has been a lot more difficult than he ever imagined, but the man very noticeably has a heart of gold and a mind the never says "I'm done".He has covered hundreds of miles over the past 5 weeks, gone through three pairs of shoes already and quite a few very hair raising close calls. As you can imagine, it's not exactly a walk in the park being a self powered road user sharing some of the UK's busiest roads with heavy traffic especially heavy loads cruising past you when there's hardly a hard shoulder to skate on. We can only think the closest word would be, "terrifying!". Unbelievably he is doing the entire journey unsupported, which means he has zero crew to help him along the way, even so much as get him to a place to stay for the night in the closest town, everything he has and needs, he is carrying in his back pack.
Dave and Triathlon Guru, the legend that is, Sean Conway!

Dave and Triathlon Guru, the legend that is, Sean Conway!

He says some of the great gifts of the journey is the incredible people he has met along the way that always want to lend a helping hand which has restored his faith in humanity.He's currently in Newquay, Cornwall which is only about 50 miles from the end, he says he's going to enjoy a "rest day" tomorrow... his idea of a rest day is going for a surf down at Newquay's famous Fistral beach.He tells me he's been pushing heavy mileage up until now, on some days covering 37 miles, which is just short of 60km, he's glad he can have a bit of a wind down doing around 12 miles (19km) each day this week arriving at Land's End on Saturday.But here's where it gets even more interesting...there's actually a very big reason why Dave has embarked on this epic journey...this is what makes him an exceptional human being.

The Why:

Dave is doing this for the TLC Children's Home in South AfricaDave Bosman RouteTLC is run by his good friends, the Jarvis family and was established to rescue the tiniest victims of a society in turmoil. Since they rescued their first two little ones in April 1993, they have continued to play a part in changing the destiny of more than 780 babies who have been abandoned or orphaned, as South Africa continues to be plagued by HIV-AIDS and unemployment.Every baby at TLC is a part of the family and they fight for the rights of every one, seeking the best for each individual, always.Being committed to this belief has meant that over time they have had to grow. The family has grown from five children to almost thirty; The nursery accommodates another thirty little babies between birth and three years; they are assisted by a fantastic international team of 16 - 24 volunteer caregivers and employ a number of staff members to assist with administrative and domestic duties.None of this would be possible without the ongoing, faithful support of TLC's friends all over the world.What an amazing selfless act, Dave really and truly deserves every bit of support and more!So please check out his Facebook Page, LIKE IT! and follow his journey over the next few days, check out the pics that he's posted, there are some pretty breathtaking pics. But above all, this guy has literally gone to the end of the world to help little children in need, it would only be fair to him to hit him up with a little donation on his Just Giving page, he deserves to make a lot more than he's already made, a hellova lot more, so hit him up with a little sponsor as he says it really keeps him going knowing what a difference it is making.If you know any friends down in Cornwall, share this post with them and check his Facebook details for details of the finish, I'm sure it would mean the world to him to have a little welcoming crowd waiting for him at the end.Follow these links below

1000 mile skateboarding challenge for TLC Childrens Home Just Giving Page

1000 Mile Skate for TLC Children's home Facebook Page

Please help spread the word the word of this remarkable human being, share it, tweet it, reblog it, tell your aunty and your uncle but just tell someone! 🙂Dave Bosman Shoes

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