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Freddie Ganyaupfu
Freddie Ganyaupfu

Stand With Stan – Freddie Gets New Legs

Freddie lost his legs from a horrific accident in his home when he was just two years old...but thanks to Stand With Stan, life just got a whole lot better...Brand spanking new legs!

What happened to Freddie's legs?

Freddie GanyaupfuWhen you meet Freddie Ganyaupfu for the first time, you are immediately warmed by his contagious smile. Freddie, despite being a bi-lateral below knee amputee, has incredibly uplifting attitude on life - “This is the hand I was dealt, I have to use it to my best ability” is his motto.

At just two years old, Freddie was left asleep alone in his home by his siblings as they went to collect water having lived far away from a water source. There was a fireplace which was keeping him warm. Freddie as a young baby, rolled into the fire in his sleep.

By the time that family members had found him, his legs were burnt severely beyond repair. Despite every effort to save his legs, doctors found that the only option at the time was to amputate his legs.

This 2 year old would have to learn to walk all over again.

Freddie Ganyaupfu - New LegsWhat has he done since then?

For many years Freddie had no access to any prosthetics due to his family not having enough money to buy them. Government hospitals constantly turned him away due to his stumps so short were difficult to fit sockets onto.

With his failure is no option attitude, Freddie eventually managed to pay off his first set of legs, although over time those have now falling apart completely.

What has just happened?

Thanks to the generous donations of parts from the USA and also arranged and managed by Stand with Stan, Freddie can now walk unaided again with his new pair of legs!

What a win! what an awesome story!

Freddie Ganyaupfu - New legs

So just what is Stand With Stan?

Stand with Stan gives amputees the gift of movement, one step at a time and helps them to lead fulfilling lives. We believe that nobody should be denied their dreams. That’s why all we do is geared towards giving disadvantaged amputees quality prosthetics, along with mentoring amputees that require it. This ensures that amputees have a positive attitude towards life and their prosthetic. Too many amputees are currently living unfulfilled lives because their prosthetics are not at the level required to live a rewarding life. This is mainly due to many amputees not having the right resources such as medical aid and end up having to use a government institution or even the wrong prosthetist.

Do yourself a favour ...check this out... www.standwithstan.co.za


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