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Hannah Roddy sings O'Holy Night

Hannah Roddy Making Waves With Song For Irish Childrens Cancer Charity

Watch young Hannah Roddy singing a song that's making massive waves across Ireland... and she's doing it all in support of Children's Cancer Charity, Aoibheann's Pink Tie

Hannah Roddy, who is only 13 years from the wonderful city of Dublin in Ireland, is pushing boundaries and making a massive difference by using her unbelievable talent of singing to raise funds for Irish children's Cancer Charity, Aoibheann's Pink Tie.Aoibheann's Pink Tie was started by Jimmy Norman when his daughter, Aoibheann Norman, passed away from cancer five years ago. The story behind the name is that all the men in their local church were asked to wear a pink tie during Aiobheann's funeral. He was so moved by all the pink ties he decided to give the charity its name through that initiative.The organisation itself offers parents of children diagnosed with cancer, financial assistance aswell as a large number of other initiatives such as the Chemo Duck, which provides children with a better quality of life during their journey to beating cancer.I managed to track Hannah down through a friend, and I asked this extraordinary soul just what made her want to get involved in the fight against cancer, and support Aoibheann's Pink Tie? She swiftly responded with the following:"We met Jimmy, the daddy of Aoibheann at a charity event and even though he had lost his little girl, he was there helping other people. So now I want to help Jimmy to help all the families who have to face life with their child trying to beat cancer"Now for a young 13-year-old girl to be standing up for what she believes in and charging on relentlessly is absolutely remarkable. Hannah, you are one extraordinary human being and I'm sure you will grow up to be an even more extraordinary woman who will bring a tremendous amount of good to the world... its clear you have already started to do just that, so be very very proud!.... take note folks... there's a world changer right there....be inspired!Anyway, enough chat, let's let the girl sing.... prepare to be amazed!Check out Aoibheann's Pink Tie Facebook Page to see ways in which you can helpTo get in touch with Hannah via her parents to give her some words of encouragement or for other enquires, just use the form below..... or simply leave a comment in the comments, I'm sure some kind words will go a long way 🙂

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[source: Maeve Roddy, Siobhan McCarthy, Irish Central]

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