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LIV Village The Journey Tour

LIV Village Childrens Choir From South Africa Are Touring The UK

The LIV Village "LIV... the JOURNEY" UK Childrens Choir Tour 2016 is currently in full swing making massive ground and winning hearts all over the country...  if you have the opportunity to catch one of their soul fulfilling performances, it is not an opportunity you'd want to let slip past you as you will certainly be missing out on incredible awesomeness

The time has arrived for our very own LIV Village Children's Choir to arrive in the UK to begin their tour!The perfect opportunity not only to enjoy and be apart of the South African heritage this beautiful performance offers but we believe the seeds that are sown will impact the lives of people that the children minister including your own children and have a very positive impact on the lives of the children as we raise them up to be future leaders.

Tell us a little about LIV Village?

As we already know there are millions of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa, mostly due to HIV/AIDS.It’s against this tragic background that Lungisisa Indlela Village (LIV) which means “the right way”, launched an incredible initiative in 2010 to focus on a solution to this crisis and to leave a legacy for future generations.Children are placed into a family environment with a trained foster mother to love them, a school to educate them, they receive spiritual discipleship, care and nurturing , creating a sense of belonging, modelling an African village lifestyle.If these children are equipped with essential moral values and life skills, they’ll grow up to be a generation that will influence positive change within South Africa, Africa and the world.Check out this great video giving you great insight into the story with LIV Village.

Tell us a little about this incredible UK Tour

From the 26th June - 5th of September 2016, a group of our LIV youngsters aged 12 - 16 years will be touring the United Kingdom and performing our latest production ‘LIV the Journey’.Telling the story of LIV, through traditional African dancing and singing. It is a very positive and hopeful story about South Africa, that is so desperately needed.So come along support us and join in the African beat you don’t want to miss this!

Where will they be performing?

London, Birmingham, Stafford, Shepton Mallet, Devon, Edinburgh, Brighton, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Eastbourne, Southampton, Watford and Sheffield.

Corporate Networking:

The tour will include a banquet at South Africa House, London where the High Commissioner will invite South African businesses to attend and build partnerships with LIV. Our patron, Dr Zweli Mkhize, will also attend this event to show his support. We will also be part of three festivals – Soul Survivor, Momentum and Creation Fest.We aim to create awareness and raise funds for the amazing work LIV are doing.We see it as sowing and reaping and we hope that the fruit of this tour will have a significant contribution towards rescuing, raising, restoring and releasing many other children.


For full details of the tour including the latest pics and video footage, follow our Facebook page, LIV VillageAlso check out our website for all infowww.liv-village.com We want these children to have the most memorable and life changing experience ever!

Tour Dates:

Birmingham, Redditch & Trentham

14th of July 7pm at Trentham Parish Church in Trentham

15th of July 9am at ST Thomas CE Academy

16th of July  6pm at Assemblies of God in Redditch

17th of July 10:30am and 6pm Service at Gas Street Church in Birmingham

Worcester & Shrewsbury

19th of July  6pm Nunnery Wood School in Worcester 

20th of July 7pm at All Saints in Worcester (Full Concert)

21st of July 7pm at Kingfisher Primary School hosted by Kingfisher Church (Full Concert)

22nd of July 10:15am at Hadley Learning Community School in Shrewsbury

7pm at Barnabas Community Church in Shrewsbury (Full Concert)


23rd of July Momentum Festival

24th of July 10am at New Testament church of God in Birmingham 

18:30 at Bethel Christian Fellowship in Birmingham 

Stafford And Nottingham

26th of July 18:30pm at Beeston Methodist in Nottingham (Full Concert)

27th - 31st of July Soul Survivor Week A

Devon County

2nd of Aug 7pm with Asaph Band at St Andrew's Church, Moretonhampstead

3rd of Aug  7pm at Teignmouth Pavilions (Full Concert)

4th of Aug New Wine

5th of Aug 7pm at Beacon Church in Kilmington (Full Concert) 

6th of Aug Creation Festival

7th of Aug 10:30am at Teignmouth Baptist Church in Devon

4pm at Simmons Park

5:30pm at Fairplace Church


8th of Aug 7:30pm at Birkdale School in Sheffield


9th of Aug Soul Survivor Scotland

11th of Aug 7pm at Holy Trinity Church in Edinburgh (Full Concert) 

12th of Aug 7pm at Westhill Church in Aberdeen (Full Concert)

13th of Aug 7pm at Aberdeen Christian Fellowship (Full Concert)

14th of Aug 10am at Sheddocksley Baptist Church

Bristol Area

16th of Aug Soul Survivor Week B

18th of Aug 7pm Concert at Town Hall in Bradford on Avon (Full Concert)

19th of Aug 7pm Concert at Community Church in Bristol (Full Concert)

20th of Aug Soul Survivor Week C

Southampton and Freshbrook

21st of Aug 10am at Freshbrook Church in Freshbrook

6:30pm at Testwood Baptist church in Southampton 

Brighton and Eastbourne

23rd of Aug 7pm Concert at CCK Church in Brighton (Full Concert)

28th of Aug 9am and 11am at Kings Church in Eastbourne 


30th of aug 7pm Concert in Surrey (Full Concert) - Venue TBC

31st of Aug PR Day for the Book Launch

1st of Sept Banquet at the South African House (Full Concert)

2nd of Sept 7pm Concert at Soul Survivor Church (Full Concert)

3rd of Sept 7pm Concert at Ascension Balham Hill Church (Full Concert)

4th of Sept 10am, 4:30pm and 7pm at Soul Survivor Church


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