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LIV Village Gala Dinner - London

Join Us For An Evening With The Children Of LIV Village At South Africa House

The LIV Village Childrens Choir from South Africa will be performing at South Africa House in London for a gala dinner, this is not to be missed, see for details...

A couple weeks ago, we told you that the LIV Village Children's choir were touring the UK and making incredible ground and winning hearts all over the UK.Now is your chance to enjoy that incredible experience first hand over dinner at South Africa House in London whilst the very founder of LIV Village, Tich Smith will unravel the remarkable story of his ground breaking journey of building LIV Village from the early days to the powerhouse solution to the orphan problem that South Africa faces today. Take it from me personal, this heart warming uplifting story will leave you feeling nothing short of complete fulfillment and inspiration along with a full belief that a massive positive difference can be made since it is already being done.The gala dinner will be a very limited and intimate setting at South Africa House in London with performances by the fast becoming famous LIV Village Children's Choir as well as talks by the South African High Commissioner himself, Hon. Obed Mlaba not to mention a talk from guest speaker Dr. Zweli Mhkize who is one of the remaining highly respected members of the ANC in his position as Treasurer General of the ANC.So join us for a great evening that with leaving you feeling a great sense that massive achievement is being gained in South Africa where a tremendous amount of good is being done for the children of South Africa.See the invitation below for full details:For individual places, we have places at our table, please contact Tich or Taz below and mention PharSide.LIV Village Gala Dinner

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