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Nicola Taylor
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This Girl Is Driving Around Joburg Giving Water To The Homeless

Nicola Taylor is currently driving around Johannesburg collecting bottles of water to give to homeless people...This is remarkable, you need to check this out!

Nicola Taylor decided to take two days off from work this week, but instead of using the time to veg on the couch, she decided to use the time a little more productively...she decided to help homeless people in Joburg by driving around collecting bottles of water provided by local residents and sponsors, and dish them out to those in need to help them deal with the current sweltering heat conditions.A couple days ago she posted this on Facebook.NicolaOrigFBPostWhat an unbelievably remarkable selfless act!Nicola and I caught up for a bit of a Skype sesh yesterday to find out just what made her embark on this unbelievably remarkable selfless act.She told me that she had returned home from the UK a little while ago after a 7-year long stint, after feeling like she'd outlived the London experience she felt it was time to return back to the motherland. Following a relationship breakup four months ago, she's been on a bit of a "re-birth" vibe, re-discovering and re-establishing herself, which is not uncommon when people come out of incredibly draining relationships, I'm sure quite a few people are sitting there nodding their heads right now.... myself included.As Nicola put it which I totally agree with, "when you open your heart, mind and your life to new opportunities...new opportunities just start rolling in"...  and in this case, one idea sparked another in a chain reaction that lead from speaking to a friend about resurrecting a well known party scene in Jozi, to exploring the idea of starting a soup kitchen, to handing out water to those in need during the hottest days in Joburg so far.... see folks, it really is that easy.Since then she's been interviewed on Cliff Central (Interview here, fast-forward to 39:35 for Nicola's slot) been inundated with calls as well as had a lot of support from sponsors and suppliers, and of course doing a hellova lot of driving aswell. Chick on a mission as you can see 🙂Whilst Nicola is predominantly helping those in her area of Craighall and Parkhurst she is hoping to inspire others to follow suit in their areas by simply washing out empty bottles that you may have lying around and refilling them with water, (you no doubt have a few lying behind the seat of your car), then hand them out to those who you think could do with some refreshment in the sweltering heat and may not be able to afford to buy water, or have fresh water at their disposal for whatever reason. Or you can do what she is doing by collecting bottles filled with water from people who are happy to donate it and redistributing it to those in need. I can guarantee you'll feel pretty damn chuffed with yourself once you've done it. A small deed for someone goes a long way in terms of self well being... trust me I know haha :)...Those who have followed PharSide over the years will know my own endeavours which includes climbing Kilimanjaro and walking 624km from Joburg to Durban for the J9 Foundation. That all started from a little idea whilst bored at work one day, where I decided to take a few orphan kids from LIV Village to a rugby game at Kings Park in Durban a few years ago, which turned out to be one most inspiring and life changing moments of my life. So take it from me, the smallest ideas eventually lead a massive sense of purpose and great achievement which makes life so much more interesting... but be warned...it's incredibly addictive hahaha 🙂 I just can't wait to see what Nicola does next, because whilst chatting to her yesterday, it didn't take long to pick up on a very familiar drive inside her to help make the world a better place.Want to find out more or get involved or help out? These are ways to get in touch with Nicola directly:TWITTER (preferred method)FACEBOOK (inbox her)INSTAGRAMalsoFOLLOW HASHTAG :  #waterdrive on Twitter and FacebookSo to Nicola Taylor, dammit girl! You are one remarkable human being that is completely on the right track to creating a sh*tload of awesomeness... I hope you're ready haha 🙂Welcome to the elite PharSide club of Awesomeness my dear! 🙂I think those who have helped Nicola make this happen definitely deserve some thanks!So  a massive shout out to all those individuals who have helped make this happen, I'm sure you know who you are!Also special thanks to these lot for their epic donations!:Netcare Milpark HospitalSPAR ParkviewTyrone Fruiterers in ParkviewVovo TeloProudly South AfricanSoul Candi MusicAqua Vita Water (the same guys who hydrated me whilst walking from Joburg to Durban)

Please show Nicola some support by helping get the word out there, even by just sharing this post or tweeting her some words of encouragement, I'm sure it will go a long way... I'd say she definitely deserves it!

Check if there's an empty water bottle lying around near you...and get the bottle rolling 🙂 Millpark TyroneFruiterers Vovo

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