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Ballz Radio, Alva and ER24 Braai For Kids In Need For Braai Day

Ballz Radio along with Alva Gas Appliances and ER24 will be doing something absolutely fantastic on Monday as part of the Wingz Of Change initiative and Heritage Day/Braai Day...

As you probably know, Monday is Heritage Day which is now also widely known as National Braai Day in South Africa in celebration of our heritage as South Africans (if you're South African and did not know this then I'd highly recommend that you see a doctor).So Ballz, Alva and ER24 have come up with this remarkable idea to really show how Heritage Day should be done... and that is by giving the time, and Braai-ing for orphaned children as part of Wingz Of Change....now howz that for just being down right awesome hey!?! Geeez! 🙂Now the mechanics of this are quite simple...On Monday,yes, not Tuesday...the reason for this is to encourage people to follow suit on Tuesday by spending time with their families and/or do something really nice for someone who could really do with some awesomeness. So on Monday, between 12pm and 6pm, Ballz will be broadcasting live on location while they visit two children's homes/charities in the Johannesburg area... but here's where you come in... the charities will be chosen by two listeners over the course of the next couple of days. So all you need to do is email [email protected] and tell them which Children's Home you would like them to visit and why they should visit them...simples!... From that two homes/charities will be chosen, (taking into consideration max. 100 kids per visit). So wherever you are in the world, if you know of a charity in Jozi that they should visit, then get cracking and let them know...The Ballz Team, Alva Team and ER24 Team will go to the selected charities and throw a little party complete with Boerwors Rolls, Cool drinks, Party Packs and Entertainment (Face Painting etc), to really bring a lot of joy to the lives of kids that could really do with some all round goodness. The meat will be supplied by Braeside Meats (Parkhurst).During the day the team will giveaway a Gas Braai valued at over R10 000 courtesy of Alva Gas Braai and a meat voucher from Braeside Meats (A take home Braai experience for Heritage Day) so make sure you are listening to Ballz Radio and MixFM 93.8 throughout the afternoon.Now how awesome is that? You just don't get doing Heritage Day/Braai Day more LIKE A BOSS than that.I'll give a Virtual PGA Clap to that! Very well done guys! Super proud!

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