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People Of Awesomeness: Kate Darwent – Siyahamba – We Are Moving Together

Kate Darwent is a South African living in London, but there's something very different about Kate with what she does with her charity she started in 2010 called, Siyahamba - We Are Moving Together.... prepare to have those heart strings pulled.

Kate is a speech and language therapist currently living and working in London, back in South Africa she spent time doing community service down in the Ugu district on the KZN South Coast near Port Shepstone. She started her own charity in 2010 called Siyahamba - We Are Moving Together, which although is unregistered since its run by herself and fairly low key, it hasn't stopped her from fulfilling the primary role of her charity. Now what she does is truly heart warming and bound to strike a chord, she very selflessly raises funds to purchase wheel chairs for children with cerebral palsy who would not have such a neccessity if it wasn't for her amazing work. The funds that are raised are used to purchase the wheel chairs directly from the supplier in South Africa, Thokomala suppliers. Her mother then takes the wheel chairs to hospitals where she ensures that they go directly to the right children. 

How awesome is that, you see, there are good people in this world that will go out of their way to help others that are seriously in need. These children's lives are completely enriched due to Kate's selfless contribution which is truly remarkable. Can you just imagine how difficult a cerebral palsy child's life must be without the ability to be mobilised, to say its a truly sad thought is a bold understatement.

Now this Saturday night 26th May, Kate and a group of eight people will embark on their bicycles on the British Heart Foundation London To Brighton Night Ride in order to raise funds to purchase more wheelchairs for these kids.

If you would like to sponsor her for the event or even make a donation towards her cause, you will really be making a direct difference since every donation goes towards the purchase of wheelchairs, so you know you'll seriously be making a huge difference to a child's life.

The account details to donate or sponsor Kate is: 

Kate J Darwent, Acc: 85299968 sort: 779111

Be sure to join the Siyahamba - We Are Moving Together Facebook Page to see first hand and keep track of the results of Kate's amazing work.

Here's a little preview...

Nice work Kate, truly amazing! 🙂

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