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Joost van der westhuizen
Joost in 2013

Walking From Cardiff To London For Joost and MND

Next week I begin my walk from Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to Twickenham Stadium in London to raise awareness for MND in honour of Joost Van Der Westhuizen, Tinus Linee and Ryan Walker.

On Monday 23 June, I begin my 231km (141 mile) journey by foot from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff,Wales to Twickenham Stadium in London, England. The walk is to raise awareness for those true fighters that live their lives day to day with the dreadful and currently incurable Motor Neuron disease aka MND. The walk is in honour of three top South African Rugby Players who currently live with MND, Joost Van Der Westhuizen (Springboks,Blue Bulls), Tinus Linee (Western Province) and Ryan Walker (Natal Sharks).The Cardiff to London walk  will be the "curtain raiser" which comes after months of planning for The Long Walk which will be a 624km (390 mile) walk in South Africa from the Ballz Radio studio in Johannesburg to LIV Village in Durban starting on Mandela Day, 18th July 2014, which will raise funds and awareness for the J9 Foundation which was founded by Joost Van Der Westhuizen. Following my recent visit to South Africa to get things finalised, full details of The Long Walk in South Africa will be revealed shortly. The walk from Cardiff to London will be a great opportunity to highlight MND  here in the UK in order to maximise awareness both here and in South Africa.The 231km journey  will take 6 days to complete coverage a distance of approx. 38km (23.75 miles) per day, starting at 8am Monday 23 June 2014 at the entrance to the Millennium Stadium on Westgate Street in Cardiff to the statue of players outside Twickenham Stadium in London on Saturday afternoon (time TBC, will update this article on saturday morning) on 28 June 2014.The walking route takes me along some extremely scenic parts of England and Wales, you just need to hop onto Google Street view in the map below to see how awesome this is going to be. Each pin indicates daily start and end points. View Cardiff to London Walk in a larger mapAt this time the J9 Foundation UK is still in the process of awaiting completion as a registered UK charity so therefore the Cardiff to London walk will be an awareness only event, however if you would like to donate to the cause, the ability to take donations will be fully available for The Long Walk event in South Africa next month.Please 'Like' The Long Walk Facebook page to support and see my progress as well as updates along the way on both my walks.Don't forget to also follow me on Twitter (@PharSideUK) to get in touch while I'm on the road.Check out this vid by the J9 Foundation

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