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Origami Crane

When Art Meets Finance…A Bit Of Magic Happens [video]

You may wonder how a little art pop up in London set up by a talented world famous South African Origami artist, got people talking about their savings...

Personal finance can be a boring topic for many, and a bit scary for others, however someone came up with a unique idea and made it a somewhat interesting topic for a stream of people passing along London's South Bank. Don't feel left out though, the awesomeness was captured in a rather inspiring video that may make you think a little differently about putting money away for a little dream you may have for the future.European savings brand, Raisin.com teamed up with leading South African digital powerhouse, Retroviral and a remarkably world renowned South African Instagram Origami artist, Ross Symons. They then set up an art installation on the very busy South Bank along the Thames asking a very simple question.... "What are you saving for?"...Ross in all his geniusness, then offered each of them a rather unique experience...Take a look at this.......But that's not entirely the whole story... this is where the project takes a completely new level of awesomeness.If you're wondering where those 1000 origami cranes came from... each crane was hand-crafted (obviously) by a non-profit organisation in South Africa called, Origami for Africa. These incredible bunch of people teach origami to children in the township of Khayelitsha, near Cape Town.As the perfect feel good story to this entire project, in exchange for making these beautifully crafted cranes, the children were taught the values of saving and earning pocket money.Each crane was then flown across the world to London, to form a key part of the project and the entire art installation. A great take home for every person involved.What a remarkable way to get people talking about savings don't you think?Brilliant work guys! Top Job!

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