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Ballz Radio Interviews Joost Van Der Westhuizen… His First Media Appearance In A Long Time [video]

Darren Scott and the team at Ballz Radio interviewed Joost Van Der Westhuizen, which turned out to be a story of an incredible journey that was truly heart  wrenching...

As you may be well aware, some time ago, South African Rugby Legend, Joost Van Der Westhuizen was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) a form of motor neuron disease which is extremely aggressive. He was given an 80% chance to live between two and five years.

Now Joost has not done any media interviews for quite some time and you'll hear in the interview that its likely not to happen agin any time soon or ever again, however Joost was kind enough to have a chat with the team at Ballz which turned out to be a very heartfelt interview that will leave you feeling quite moved. I was lucky enough to listen to it on air yesterday and I was absolutely captivated by it from beginning to end.

Here it is... some of you may want to keep a box of tissues near by

Now I don't know about you but absolutely take my hat off to that man, there is a true hero.

He's got a very very serious disease that many would just surrender to but he is doing the complete opposite, he is fighting this head on, ironically, he's no longer play as a bull, he's fully grabbing the bull by the horns and he's not letting go for nothing, but at the same time he is doing what he can with helping those who are even worse than him, and I find that truly admirable, I actually for once am rather speechless with how I feel after listening to that.

I was lucky enough to meet Joost briefly in November 2010 while he was on tour with the SA Rugby Legends (SARLA) and its shocking to see how quickly he has deteriorated since in such a short space of time, I'm deeply saddened by it.

This pic was taken at the SA Rugby Legends that I was lucky enough to be invited to down at the old Horse and Groom in Wimbledon (yes it was Movember:) )

There is just one thing I feel I need to mention as it greatly disturbed me. Now obviously there's a lot more to it than we know, however from what he said regarding Amore, and if that is true story in simple terms, then my personal opinion is that I am absolutely DISGUSTED at what that woman is doing. Yes, Joost cocked up, and he cocked up really bad, but many people do, its a very common thing, we all make the wrong choices and do the wrong things in our lives, I know I certainly have, but nobody deserves what is happening to that man. He is paying the price for those things he did a thousand times over. I cannot believe that Joost would have to go as far as getting his lawyer involved for him to see his children once every two weeks. How can she not at least show a tiny bit of compassion for a person who's life hasn't hit rock bottom, its fallen ten stories below the surface and still falling further. Considering he may not have very long to go, as you know maybe five years at the most, I'm sure any person with a slight bit of a conscience would grant him the most amount of time with his children that he'd need, because I hate to really talk about it but once he is gone, that is it, his children will no longer have their father. I find it incomprehensible that given that he may not have long to go, just show a bit of compassion and be civil towards a guy who is dying, its not like he committed murder for shit sakes. I'm absolutely shocked by it to be honest, and you've got to start questioning who's more sick here, because wow, that is just sick, very sick. I used to think Amore was a beautiful woman, but if thats how the story goes, then I think that its a clear indication that her beauty only runs skin deep, because my fuck! We all know she went through a real rough time when all the kak came out, and I really do appreciate that, but if Joost wasn't in the position he is now then fair enough, she could take all the time she needs, however given the circumstances you'd think that the hardest of hearts would cut the guy some slack. By the looks of things, she's going to have a lot of regret in her life, likely more so than Joost himself, no doubt the kids will grow up to realise what she did and she'll lose them too, tell me I'm wrong because we've all  seen it happen plenty times. Just absolutely shocking behaviour, and I hope that she comes to her senses before its too late, at least for her own sake, because wow... not kiff at all, shocking! disgusting!

Joost, stekte boet, ek dink aan jou and baie trots op jou!

You are a true legend!

Make sure you check out Joost's MND Charity, J9 Foundation for info and ways in which you can help

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