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Just Lapping Up My 15mins of Fame…

It seems Pamela Anderson being in close proximity to me, didn’t go down quietly at all, noooo...

It appears yours truly made an appearance in a number of major publications worldwide.

Here’s a little round up of where I featured

2OceansVibe.com – Now this is something that I didn’t see coming, in fact I read the entire snippet without twigging on that this was myself that I was reading about for a few seconds. I am still in awe that Seth Rotherham had taken the time to punch in a few words down for moi... the one thing that springs to mind is the “We’re not worthy” scene from Wayne’s World... 🙂 After all, Seth was the final bit of inspiration that caused PharSide to be what it is today, so I’m pretty chuffed about that 🙂 Cheers Seth 🙂

SA Promo Magazine – If you had a look on Page 41 of the latest copy of SA Promo Magazine which is one of the biggest publications for South African’s outside of South Africa, you may have noticed a nice little article along with the photo of Pammy and Viv enjoying their moment with me. Again that “We’re not worthy” scene from Wayne’s World replays in my head. Massive Thanks to Sue and JC at SA Promo for the mention. At this rate I’m soon going to be able to pull a Paris Hilton and start charging clubs ridiculous amounts of money to have me make an appearance 🙂 If you didn’t manage to get hold of a hard copy of SA Promo, check the online version here, also check out the wicked new site design 🙂

Daily Mail - Would you believe it the paps even got a photo of me which landed up in one of the UK’s biggest news papers. He was lucky enough to get Pammy and Viv in the pic aswell, he must have got alot for a triple whammy pic like this 🙂 Thanks Daily Mail 🙂

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