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Marky Gets Interviewed On Guy Breakfast On Good Hope FM

Check out my interview with Guy McDonald during the Guy Breakfast Show on Good Hope FM talking about some past projects and mainly about a great new project I'm working on!

179450_10152805593440511_1023461478_nSo I've just recently returned from a recent 3 week work/holiday/tour of South Africa, hence for the serious lack of posts for a little while, but I'm back, fired up, inspired and ready to rock n roll! Now while I was in the wonderful place I've coming to love very very much (but could never support their Rugby side since my loyalty lies fully with The Sharks) which is none other than the amazing city of Cape Town, Guy McDonald who just happens to have radio show on Good Hope FM 94-97, called the Guy Breakfast show, heard I was exploring his turf so invited me down to the studio to say "Hoesit! Hoe lyk it!".I met Guy a few years back at the 2010 SA Blog Awards in Cape Town, where as you may know, I walked away with the award for Best Overseas South African Blog, cause the that's how I roll, over the years he's kept a beady eye on me from when I kicked THAT petition on Facebook that probably makes Bryce Lawrence feel nauseas and it was in fact Guy that told me about the "Legal" Rhino Hunting tenders that Ezemvelo Wildlife were so happily dishing out which helped result in the Anti Rhino Awareness video (look right) that I did early last year... and we all know how that kicked off, so naturally when I mentioned a project that I'm aiming to be much bigger that the previous two projects combined, Guy wanted to hear all about it... and of course, since he's such a flipping legend, he wanted the rest of the world to hear about it aswell 🙂And this is the result... me getting interviewed live @ 7:10am on Monday 6th May 2013 Pretty schweet hey!.. although since it was early in the morning I did sit there afterwards going, ah I should have said this and that... now obviously you are going to read about this mahoosive project very soon once I've got a few things sorted out on the technical side, however, one of the aims that I am looking to achieve from the this project is to create the biggest viral charity fund-raising campaign South Africa has seen to date... don't believe me?... I'll say it again...Challenge Accepted! 🙂My aim to break those barriers that are instilled in people's minds, where the common thought is, "I'm just one person, what help am I to make a difference" well folks, I've proved that theory wrong twice, and now I want to really show you what we as individuals are capable of, you've just got to realise it....More on this breaking soon... think of that as a taster 🙂Check out these links to find out more about what amazing work the J9 Foundation and LIV Village are doing.Once again I would just like to thank Guy and his team at Good Hope FM for giving me time, you have no idea how much I so greatly appreciate it!And make sure you check Guy's very own blog! Off The Mic - With Guy McDonald http://www.guymcdonald.co.za/Guy and Marky

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