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PharSide Feeling The Love

A lot of love has been shown to PharSide over the last week, from interviews in The South African Newspaper to Cape Town blog, Bangers and Nash giving you his blessing to nominate PharSide in the SA Blog Awards... 

If you picked up your copy of The South African newspaper here in London last week Tuesday, you may have seen something a little familiar on page 11... yip, The PharSide logo and my ugly mug sprawled out across the page with a nice little interview to go with it where we spoke about how PharSide came about, all the way through to the SA Blog Awards. If you missed it, have a little read

Now the awesomeness doesn't stop there, because from now on you'll get a shot glass worth of PharSide in every weekly edition of the South African Newspaper where I have my own little column titled, "Marky Mark's Hot Box" spicing up the jol, how wicked is that! So make sure you blerrie get your copy every Tuesday mkay! 🙂

By the way, if you haven't check it out yet, The South African Newspaper are giving away huge hampers of SA stuff that you'd find in your local SA Shop, so if you want to get your mincy paws on it, then check this out!

Around the same time last week, Bangers And Nash, who also just happens to be one of my favourite blogs that I read everyday, gave a list of the blogs that he would like everyone to nominate... and guess who just happened to be on that there list... need I say it 🙂 I would like to return the favour, so my little loved ones, go ahead and touch him on his nominate button... I believe he's got a little something planned if he pulls in second place, so go have a look see.

Right gang, the nominations for the SA Blog Awards closes on 27th August which is in just two days time!!! I don't have any nails left as it is so if you haven't nominated PharSide, now would be a good time to do it, just click the image below and follow the instructions carefully, each and every nomination counts... so do it.. do it!


nominate this blog

Just wanna say a massive amount of thanks for the kindness from The South African Newspaper and Bangers and Nash 🙂

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