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Aunty Fisher’s Dinner Dishes – Chicken Parmigiana

Raaaight. First, you need to klap 1 tin quality chopped tomatoes into a pot. You can blanch, skin, peel and dice a bunch of tomatoes but, frankly, that's just obnoxious.  Gooi in a tablespoon of olive oil, a bietjie basil, oregano, a little paprika, sugar and dried garlic. Simmer on low for an hour until it looks and smells kiff. We're not legit Italians, okes. We don't have all day here.
Next, raw chicken fillets. Vegetarians and vegans, you may now step away. You can smash 'em with a mallet, but I prefer halving them length-wise. Sprinkle a lil salt 'n peppa on those bad boys.IMG_1926 3 shallow bowls. Get some. Plain flour, 2 eggs, and bread crumbs are what you'll plonk inside. Now, with the finesse of a drunken moose, dip your raw cluckers into the seasoned (ya just put whatever into it. More herbs and stuff) flour, followed by their unborn lovechild eggs, and finally allow them to exfoliate in the crumbs.Place these uncooked beauties onto a baking tray and into an oven at 190'c for 40 mins. You should've preset the oven ages ago. Sorry about that. My bad.IMG_1928After 2400 seconds, remove the chicken from the oven. In a ceramic dish, pour 1/2 your killer wicked om nom nom tomato sauce. Swim each crumbed chicken breast upon the killer wicked om nom nom tomato sauce. Generously spoon what's left of the killer wicked om nom nom tomato sauce on top of each phat nugget, followed by a kakload of grated cheese (I dig cheddar, mozzarella and the dish's namesake, parmesan).Place your larny stuff back into the oven for 20mins and remove. Plate, and serve with chips, linguine, or a salad of your choice.You're welcome in advance.

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