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Bunny Chows in Wimbledon, London

Did you know you can get a bunny chow in Wimbledon? I'm quite surprised at how many people don't know... and its right under your noses at Kafe Karahi... well right next door as you stumble out of the Walkabout.

Quite a while ago after a boozy night, Huncle and I decided to pop into Kafe Karahi for a curry. While we were standing there talking to the guys behind the counter, we told them they should start making bunny chows due to the high concentration of Durban locals in Wimbledon, because personally I'd pay good money for the delight. To our amazement, the dude behind the counter said that he had a bit of a surprise for us because he already sells them. Without any hesitation whatsoever, we ordered two for a test drive and sat patiently waiting for them drooling all over the place. When they arrived we chomped through them like there was no tomorrow, damn they were good... and so it began, the start of a constant weekly ritual of landing up at Kafe Karahi on a Friday and/or Saturday night at around 3am to fill our alcohol saturated tummies with a taste of Durban, to the extent that we're on a first name basis with the guys behind the counter.

kafe karahi

Kafe Karahi is situated inbetween the Wimbledon Walkabout and Wimbledon Cabs right on the Broadway. The bunnies are very reasonably priced at a fiver a piece and my main man Umair will fill the loaf of bread with any curry of your choice. The Jen will usually go for a milder Chicken Tikka Masala Bunny not to scorch her tender lips whereas we'll usually go for a hotter Lamb Bunny, but be warned... if South Africa beat Pakistan in the cricket that day you're in for a surprise trust me hehe 🙂

The bunny chows are awesome, trust me, I wouldn't have been going there every weekend for about the last 3 years now if they weren't, they're that good, but if you're only feeling a bit peckish check out the rest of the menu as they've got a huge range of kiff chow on there, samoosa's and all!

These are the two bunnies that The Jen and I flattened on Friday night.


The Jen packing it in like a savage again 🙂


This is why I listen when The Jen speaks, trust me, you don't want to get a tighty from that hand 🙂


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