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Durban Curry Night at Down South is fuggin kiff ekse!

Durban Curry Night at Down South is a winner!

So I checked Down South were advertising dis Durban Curry Night on a Wednesday an all right, £5 for a schweet dish of proper Durban curry and they even throw in a dop of your choice, no word of a lie right. So you know I schmaak a schweet deal when I see one, so I tjooned the Jen, "Hey unty, we going for a curry!" So we hopped into the Black Mamba, slammed on the gas and with a squealing wheel spin, off we tjooned it to this place in Southfields called Down South. ey I slipped the black mamba straight into one parking with total perfection even Clarkson would have been impressed, the Jen battering an eyelid with a sigh of satisfaction in admiration with how smoothly I handled it. We walk in the door and straight away I smell the sweet scent of salvation, I thought to myself...you, me, we gonna dine tonight! So we pull up a seat at a table, the Jen sits down comfortably while I slouch in the chair checking da ou's checking my cherry with one gleaming eye, and with one stare down an a nod, deez ou's know I'm da man, no gold tooth required.So we order two dishes of lamb fantasia, along with a coke for the Jen and ofcourse for me, one 'Can of the Best' and I don't mean Castrol GTX right, I mean the schweet smooth taste of Jack and Coke. Popped a £10 over like I'll never miss it thinking to myself, ey men, dis is one schweet fuggin deal right. Now before I arrived, I heard deez rumours that Baas Jannie that cooks the curry, is a bit of a Curry Koning, so I tjoon myself, okee I check dis rabble rowser, we'll see about that. A few minutes later Baas Jannie himself brings over two full plates of lekker Durban Curry steaming in all its glory, and with a smell that brought one fuggin tear to my eye from the flashbacks which made me reminice of days back home in shit-hot sunny Durban. Ey so I check dis out ekse, make a full one eye shut inspection and think okee, lets chow! So I dip my fork in one tender piece of lamb and place this succulent ting in my mouth. I tink to myself, now for the Fai$al test... one chew, two chew, gone! Passed with flying colours just like Fai$al's VW 3.2l EOS at 155mph. EISH! this was good! Now let me tell you one ting right, when dis touches your lips you jus can't blerrie stop. In just a bit longer than a GTi down a quarter mile I klaared that plate flat. Ey I check the Jen, packing that curry in like a savage, and no word of a lie right, if the Jen schmaaks the curry, then you got to obey because this rare moment is more valuable than the one time banging Rockford Fosgate super sound system in Fai$al's cab right.I have to admit, dis fuggin Durban Curry is the shit and for only 5 bucks its even better shit right... an with a free dop...Priceless! Gonna be back next week and also probably take Huncle for a taste of heavenly satisfaction. One important ting though lani's, Baas Jannie's curry is becoming quite popular, so I found out tonight that if you gonna go and get a taste of home, make sure you give dem a call before you go so they can save you some, cause that fuggin pot goes down quicker than a fuggin M3 hauling ass down a strip okee.I just wanna tjoon one more ting okee, Baas Jannie is a champion curry koning, no word of a lie right!While you dere, check out the dop specials they ave over the weekend, you'll be fuggin amazed right!

Down South Bar and Lounge

Tel: 020 878 8236390 Inner Park Road, SW19 6DA

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