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Durbz In London Durban Curry Night… London’s Best Kept Saffa Secret… Well Not For Long…

If you've not heard of Durban Curry Night at Durbz In London, you are definitely going to want to hear this...

Every Wednesday night I'll mention on my Facebook status about what an awesome Durban Curry I had that evening and lately quite a lot of people are asking me about it, well to be honest, I'm getting sick of it... not the curry, people asking me about it 🙂 So I thought I'd let you all know about it once and for all and let you in on the ongoings at Durbz In London on Inner Park Road in Southfields on a Wednesday night. It's something that has become quite a ritual in the PharSide HQ household, so much that I plan meetings etc around it. Why? because its that frickin awesome thats why, and if something beats my ridiculously fussy tastebuds then you know its going to be amazing. Those who have had the pleasure of the experience have always left rather satisfied to say the least, not once have I heard of a complaint... well just one, The Jen loves her curry, but she tends to have a rather delicate palate and once she had the lamb Durban Curry which was a little spicy for her, the beef and chicken are a lot milder of course, so she is quite happy with her Chicken Bunny every week now 🙂

So lets cut to the chase, you get a plate full of delicious authentic freshly cooked Durban Curry and a drink for just £6... yes, no typo there... just £6

You have a choice of Chicken, Beef or Lamb, with rice or as a bunny chow or... wait for it.... Vetkoek with normal or chilli mince.... yes I said Vetkoek 🙂 The Vetkoek and chilli mince has become my personal favourite of mine. Now tell me thats not a schweet frickin deal!

There's just one catch, there's only one thing that master chef, Baas Jannie hates more than anything else, and that is wasting food, especially when he's been slaving over it and providing it at such a low cost, so you need to place your orders by 10pm Tuesday night in order to get your little taste of heaven on Wednesday night. Just call Jannie on 020 8788 2363 to place your order, it's like entering a phone in competition and winning every time, trust me 🙂

So there you have it, £6 for a curry and a drink - Beef, Chicken or Lamb, with rice or as a bunny or vetkoek with normal or spicy mince, order by 10pm on Tuesday night, Jannie is waiting for your call 🙂 Don't forget to mention who told you hey 🙂

Durbz In London is located at:

90 Inner Park Road
SW19 6DA

020 8788 2363

Website: http://www.durbzinlondon.co.uk/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003099664230

Coming from Wimbledon? Just take a 93 bus up just passed Wimbledon Village along Wimbledon Common, and get off at the Inner Park Road Bus Stop, its a two minute walk from there, easy

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This is what I took as a little take away for lunch the next day the other day... filled that bad boi with syrup and two words... NOM! NOM! 🙂

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