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Have You Tried Werner’s Mauritian Curry Yet?

The makers of Werner's unbelievably delicious Durban Curry now bring you Werner's Mauritian to tantalize your taste buds in a way you never thought possible!

If you live in the UK and not had Werner's Durban Curry then I'd suggest you head over to http://www.wernersoriginal.co.uk and order yourself a pack or two (they're only £1.95 each) because you have no idea what you're missing out on. You'll find them in just about any SA Shop in London these days, believe it or not every time I pop into an SA Shop for supplies you'll always find a renegade pack amongst everything else I've bought. I know the Chilli Bite in Ashford, Kent sells them cause my Ballie shops there, and I've heard they are also available at Hunters in Dorset, if you know of an SA shop that stocks them, then mention it in the comments below so others will know to get their paws on a pack the next time they're there.

So I guess you've figured I've been a long time fan of Werner's Original Durban Curry, however a few nights ago, myself and The Jen were invited around for a little taste of what Sandy Werner has been developing and perfecting for quite some time now, until he's reached the perfect combination that will without a doubt see yourself heading back to the kitchen for a second serving. I'm not a massive eater and very rarely have seconds, but this is just too good to refuse a second helping. To be honest, I've never had a Mauritian Curry before so had no idea what to expect. Lets just say it is absolutely amazingly delicious, the flavour that excites your taste buds is if you could say, orgasmic, if the "mmmm" sounds are anything to go by. Its such a perfect combination of aromatic spices bursting with flavour layered with a mouth watering tangy mustard flavour that truly causes you keep taking scoop after scoop in rapid succession, otherwise known as scoffing yourself like a savage 🙂 The Jen was ecstatic with the flavour and prefers the flavour of the Mauritian Curry over the Durban Curry! Haibo! 

There's really nothing like it in terms of curry, extremely well developed for the perfect taste that gets two thumbs up from me.

Do yourself a flavour and order yourself a pack or two now, it comes in three different heat ranges, Mild, Medium and Hot to suit everyones taste buds.

Check out http://www.wernersoriginal.co.uk/

And don't forget to check out Werner's Original Facebook page 

Also check out this very well put together review by Margi Marshall

If your SA Shop doesn't stock it then best you kak them out properly for not providing you with awesomeness!

Have you had a Werner's Original Curry? Tell us what you think below

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