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Wimbledon gets its own Chakalaka Restaurant!

If you've been to the South African restaurant called Chakalaka in Putney, you'll know how frickin awesome their chow is, and now finally for us Saffa's in Wimbledon, we no longer have to bust it on the dreaded District Line to get a good taste of South Africa, we've got it nicely tucked away right here in Wimbledon as part of the Horse and Groom Pub.

You may remember the previous raving review I did for Chakalaka in Putney some time ago, where I took on the 25oz Steak Challenge, so when I heard that another Chakalaka had opened up right here in Wimbles, I wasted no time in going to check it out. Once again my fussy little taste buds were mesmerized by the quality of the food. Now let me tell you, this time they were gonna have it a bit harder because to be quite honest, it was Sunday, so naturally I was hanging like a bitch after yet another weekend of insane debauchery in the life of Marky Mark. My taste buds were wrecked and even if I drank a whole bottle of thick bleach, it would still taste like Jack and Coke due to the inner layers of my mouth being well marinated all weekend, so all in all, it was gonna be tough for Mr. Chef Dude in the back. I decided to go for something a little lighter on my already tender tummy, so I had a look at the menu and went for the KingKlip with sweet potato and green beans... when I saw those veggies on the menu I could just hear my ma's voice in my head telling me to be sensible and healthy also I couldn't resist the sudden thought of quality nutrients to bring homeostasis back to my badly self abused body. 

When the food arrived I had a little skrik! The presentation was immaculate and that is one big point I'd like to note, it seriously looked like someone had sculptured every millimeter of surface area on that plate to be perfect... only for me to tuck right in and screw the whole lot up. The fish tasted like fish, but I don't mean the crap you get at your local fish and chip shop, this tasted like real fish, like fish should always taste, it was divine and took me on a little subconscious journey right back to SA and what our fish tastes like back there. Now comes the fun part, it was totally unexpected, I've never been a hectic fan of sweet potato or vegetables for that matter, as my ma will confirm, but call me deprived when I tell you I have never had sweet potato with a bit of cinnamon mixed into it, I am now a ridiculously huge fan, I couldn't believe how frickin awesome it tastes, I actually wanna have it made with something at home when I lock Chef Louise in the kitchen, and not let her out until she has made Darryn and I a good wholesome meal after a long hard days work 🙂 The beans, oh the beans... lets just say if you told me that there was a vegitable patch outside in the back, I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised, because those beans that I had there right on my very plate seemed to have come straight from that very patch, and to add to there awesomeness(my ma will go into absolute shock if she hears me saying this about green beans), they were marinating nicely in a delicious white sauce.

Chef Louise and Darryn came down with me this last Sunday evening. Chef Louise had the stuffed chicken breast which aparently tasted as divine as it looked and Darryn had the "all you can eat rib special" which I believe runs on Sundays and Wednesdays, so if you schmaak a ribs, £12.95 all you can eat... not bad hey.

Chakalaka is situated as part of the Horse and Groom Pub at 143-145 Haydons Road in Wimbledon [map], which mind you is also a nice little Saffa watering hole itself. Its owned and run by main man Miguel, who seems to be more than happy to provide awesome hospitality for Saffa's who stroll through his doors. I've heard alot of good things being spoken about the Horse and Groom recently since its had a change of management, and I'm quite looking forward to returning for a few pre-party drinks before hitting the late jols. If you looking to catch a couple of the Super 14 games when they are on Sky (else watch them online here at PharSide) then they are being shown at The Horse and Groom and at least with the main man being a Saffa himself, you know the rugby is going to get preference over some poncy soccer game.

All in all, I was definately impressed and recommend that you guy get your hungry little butts down there for an afternoon of good chow, good dops and good Rugby (that's if the Sharks can eventually pull their fingers out)

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