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Suzelle DIY makes Christmas Crackers

How to Make Your Own Christmas Crackers [watch]

Super Suzelle from Suzelle DIY shows you a very simple way to make some pretty awesome Christmas Crackers.

Christmas is just around the corner. With all the stress involved of buying presents and surviving the long hangovers in the office all day, because you're 35 years old and still haven't learnt how to deal with silly season like an adult 🙂So here's something that should alleviate some of that stress as well as save some of the big one...money...to be able to buy more drinks of course 🙂We've all seen how ridiculously priced Christmas Crackers have become over the years... for what you get in them... I mean, come now, it's certainly far from value for money by any standard.So in steps in our supergirl, Suzelle, who shows you just how to make a Christmas Cracker in flippen mere seconds (true story), where you can even fill it with whatever kak you want to put in it....maybe even a real a piece of kak if you really really don't schmaak a certain family member....but I didn't tell you that ok.... jinne, okes will be proper bleek 🙂So howz that, pretty damn simple hey... now every man has a very valid excuse not to throw away the empty bog roll thingy! So its a win-win for everyone! YAY! 🙂Hit Suzelle up with a little follow, maybe even send her a few ideas and tip of your own, maybe she'll even make a little video of it http://www.facebook.com/suzellediy http://www.twitter.com/suzellediy http://www.instagram.com/suzellediyYou've gotta love this doll, flip she is awesome! So awesome that I've decided to make her a regular feature here on PharSide, so whenever this, dare I say, aunty pops out a new video, you'll shortly be able to catch it right here.Suzelle, bokkie, you are the flippen business hoor! Lekker man, lekker...

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