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How to stop a baby from choking on an object – [watch]

Ever wondered how you would perform an anti choking procedure on a baby choking on a foreign object?... This is something you should know, you never know when you'll need it, and you could be the only one around with the know how to save a baby's life... this is absolute gold in information...

Following a sad story of a child choking to death on grape in a pizza restaurant, the absolute legends at St. John Ambulance have re-issued this sound instructional video advice to help save lives in the event that it is ever needed. (Make sure you see their website for more instructional videos)It's absolutely imperative that you share this post, you could be saving a child's life down the line of your friends, who if not given this sound advice by you, may not be in a position to save a life in the future... so do the right thing

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