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Durban To Drakensberg 2012 by Steve at AirServ.co.za

Iconic Durban To Drakensberg Picture… Re-taken in 2012

There’s a photo that every Durbanite would have seen at least once in their lifetime, and that is none other than the iconic aerial photograph of “Durban to The Drakensberg” that was taken by the late John Hone back in 1988… and just recently its been updated, now showing the Moses Mabhida Stadium…

Durban To Drakensberg by John Hone

John Hone’s version of “Durban To Drakensberg” above, is a picture I know all too well since it hung on my bedroom wall for many many years, you could sit for ages staring at it trying to located different places in KZN (obviously I didn’t have the labelled version like the one above)However the Natal Mercury posted on their Facebook page this morning, a brilliant 2012 version by Steve from AirServ which is virtually identical to the original 1988 version just more to right and 24 years apart. It's quite fascinating to see how the Durban city landscape has changed and not changed, yet the top half of the photo is pretty much exactly the same... naturally (excuse the pun) 🙂Check it out… you instantly know this is an updated version by the sight of Moses Mabhida stadium in full view on the right…

Durban To Drakensberg 2012 by Steve at AirServ.co.za

That’s pretty damn schweet… great work Steve! That is awesome!If you want to grab yourself a large print then just get in touch with Steve at Airserv.co.za, I know I’m definitely going to that’s for sure!

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