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Baby Dolphin Dies On Beach

Baby Dolphin Dies Whilst Beachgoers Take Selfies With It [PICS]

A baby dolphin pulled from the water so beachgoers could take photos with it eventually died in the process.

You get some pretty dumb people in the world, but it arguably doesn't get dumber than this.According to reports, a baby dolphin was pulled from shallow water at a beach resort in Santa Teresita in Argentina.But instead of helping the animal by getting it back to the ocean, the crowd of numpties that gathered wanted to rather get a few selfies in for their own amusement before even thinking that the dolphin's life was hanging in the balance.Apparently the dolphin is of a species called, Franciscana, which is said to live for about 20 years, however as with most animals from the ocean, it doesn't do very well or last very long out of the water.Sadly the dolphin appeared to overheat and eventually died of dehydration which the idiots, then discarded it like an empty chip packet on the sand... but not before a few more people could get a few pics in of course.But to make matters worse... the species which is found along the coasts of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay is considered by Wildlife Foundations to be a "vulnerable" species which are estimated to only be around 30 000 of them left.What a bunch of dumb*sses hey? 🙂 I mean, W.....T.......F!?!Gosh what a bunch of flippen imbeciles!People are stupid...What do you think of this? Tell us what you think on our Facebook page

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