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Drunk Ranger Charges Elephant Bull Video… Ranger Admits To Idiotic Act

Video of Drunk Game Ranger Charging an Elephant Bull that went viral has put his hand up.... have a listen to this...

RangerChargesElephantOk so a few days ago, the internet was blazing with comments about a video that had made its way on to Youtube that shows a group of game rangers from a game lodge in the Kruger National Park, enjoying an off day with a few beers, when one ranger did the unthinkable and charged an elephant bull that was chilling nearby... if you haven't seen the video yet then this should bring you up to speed... please be advised... this contains complete idiotic behaviour...So anyway... I'm sure you are rather displeased at seeing that, I must admit, my blood boiled as quick as that elephant ran away, extremely retarded behaviour... and to think that these guys spend their lives as "conservationists" is more shocking... Although the elephant wasn't harmed, that broke something in that natural environment and life of that elephant, because remember... an elephant never forgets, such ridiculous behaviour should absolutely never happen in the wild like that, unless it was to save a life... period.now that we have that out the way... as the video started gaining momentum, investigations began very promptly to find out who it was that did that... and as we've seen, it certainly didn't take long at all.It was discovered that the person in question, was in fact a game ranger who has been in the business for the past 13 years, and goes by the name of Brian Masters.As you can imagine, Brian has received a tremendous amount of abuse from people over this idiotic act, however as you will find, Brian has put his hand up and is taking full responsibility for his stupidity.... which I do find very admirable of him nonetheless...This is what Brian posted on Facebook on Sunday...brian-thomas-masters Then just yesterday, Brian was interviewed on 2OceansVibe Radio and this is how it all went down... you have to have a listen to this...So after all that, I've gotta say, there's a guy who is standing up, facing it and taking full responsibility for his actions... I'm sorry to say but you do not get many people like that these days and I certain do admire his sincerity with a tremendous amount of respect. in no way do I condone his actions because that was purely idiotic behaviour and thats a fact, however before you pass judgement on him, you may just want to take a quick reflection back through your memory banks and think of how many times we'll all done some really really stupid things under the influence that we are rather ashamed about and that were clearly not a good reflection of our true selves, trust me, I can think of a few... and if you don't have any, I'd be very wary of you because thats not normal 🙂 ... we've all done something stupid at some point, big or small. I do believe that the way in which he is handling this the way he is a true reflection of his character. His sincerity really shows that he realises he cocked up bad, he fully well knows it thats for sure, but he'll take whats coming to him, if anything, but I do respect him for that. It takes a strong willed person to put your hand up like that.My question is... clearly he wasn't the only one in the video... I don't see any of the other okes stepping up and taking the rap, even though they are just as much to blame since you didn't hear anyone say, "don't do it bru!" ...no, you heard the complete opposite... so if those okes don't own up, then they are cowards in every sense of the word... fact. kiff mates...Hopefully some good can come out of this where it may prevent further instances, where younger, more windgat rangers committing similar acts, where they see full well the consequences of such actions and also realise that just because they are out in the bush with minimal technology around, things like that will still make their way onto the internet...Brian, apology accepted on my part my bru, and I'm sure you will take whatever comes your way like a man, good luck

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