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Great White Shark Gets Through Cage During Shark Cage Dive [video]

Although Shark Cage Diving seems rather dangerous and a bit of an adrenaline rush, it is a rather safe sport... well most of the time... check how this Great White Shark got through the cage while divers were inside the cage in Gansbaai, South Africa...

I know I'm a little late with this post however its been a busy week so far, but for those who haven't seen it, prepare to see what could happen when a Shark ignores the bait and heads straight for the "bait" in the cage...I'm heading out to South Africa in a few weeks time, and while I'm there, Shark Cage Diving is right near the top of my list of activities while I'm in Cape Town for a few days, funny enough looking to do it in Gansbaai where this happened... So the Ballie calls me up on Saturday and says "Hey, did you check the BBC link I posted on Facebook?... and you wanna go Shark Cage Diving when you're over in SA now..."So the story goes that a guy Bryan Plummer (camera guy) went on his first Shark Cage Diving experience along with a few family and friends including Roger Gray (who actually got married the day before), most likely at Shark Alley in Gansbaai. While Roger was in the cage along with a few other folks, staff were doing their standard luring of the shark with fake bait, however for some reason (who knows what the thing was thinking) completely ignored the bait and went straight for newly wed Roger... the shark managed to penetrate the cage and get its head in lashing its razor-sharp teeth around as if it was a well... wild animal of course... and... well... I'll let you see what happened....Hectic!That was some quick thinking right there to geeez!Apparently Roger managed to duck far enough to get underneath the shark and somehow managed to avoid getting chomped.... nice work Rog!Hectic stuff... I'm still going to do it though, although I may have a few more questions for the company that I choose to go with, like... how wide is your gap?hmmm...might be a bit awkies if it's a doll that I'm asking:)

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