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South Africa Lifts Ban On Rhino Horn Trade

BREAKING NEWS: A South African court has ruled that from today the 2009 ban on Rhino horn has been lift... yes, that means it is now legal to trade in Rhino horn in South Africa... oh dear...

This morning in a High Court courtroom in Pretoria, Judge Francis Legodi gave his ruling to lift the 2009 government ban on domestic Rhino trade.  He handed down his 37 page judgement in the application by two South African Rhino farmer, John Hume and Wildlife farmer Johan Kruger from Malelane and Limpopo respectively. The reason being is it was said that the government did not follow the process of public participation when it imposed the ban...John Hume who is self acclaimed biggest Rhino farmer and breeder in the world and Johan Kruger challenged the 2009 moratorium (ban) which was put in place by former Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Mr. Marthinus Van Schalkwyk and questioned its validity on various grounds including the one about public participation etc.John Hume argued that the ban was only to be in place for 6 months to see if it had a positive or negative effect on the Rhino Poaching issue in South Africa, however 6 years later and thousands of Rhino's poached, the ban remains in place...(fair point I guess.)In Judge Legodi's 5 minute court order hand down speech he referred to the huge amount of Rhino being poached in South Africa and that amount of poaching that the ban had potentially prevented is not known, however its role in adding to the problem cannot be shifted aside or excluded for that matter... fair point.Judge Legodi went to say:
"The extent of smuggling or illegal export or rhino horns due to lack of implementation of the applicable measures is not known. But what disastrous implications would be brought about by the immediate lifting of the moratorium? I cannot think of any. The solution appears to lie in the effective implementation of applicable and envisaged measures,”
So basically what he's saying is that nobody really knows to what extent the ban has worked, however he can't see any big problem that would come about if they lifted the ban. Although this can be questioned and I invite you to discuss in the comments below. I'm sure there are many questions that need to be asked and of course answered... so please feel free to discuss.My question now is, what measures and auditing if any is being put into place from making sure that very little, or better, no rhino horn makes its way from the now wide open domestic market over to the international black market. Since flood gates have now been opened which with itself will no doubt bring massive amounts of people wanting to make a buck or thousands of bucks since remember the price tag in this video I did a while back....Hold on to your seats folks cause this could get very good, or very bad....
[Source: IOL]

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