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Anti-Zuma March Information For Cities Across South Africa Today For #ZumaMustFall

Here is some useful information in point form on virtually every Anti-Zuma March in various cities across South Africa today for #ZumaMustFall.

In case you hadn't already heard, there's an Anti-Zuma march taking place in various cities and towns across the country today 16th December in various cities across the country, mostly in protest to the various issues that have arisen last week and this week. Here are details on start times, where the marches are starting from and other useful info.Please share this information with friends and family that may need it, and also for those who don't wish to take part, for whatever reason, to also be able to avoid those areas if need be.Cape Town Start Location: Company Gardens in the front of the city centre’s National History Museum (click here for Google Map) End Location: Static March Start Time: 10 am March Info:  Unite Against Corruption (UAC) coalition will be hosting, has been given the green-light from the city to go ahead with their demonstration. All they are doing is providing a space for those who want to object against Zuma’s leadership. Those planning to attend are encouraged to sing songs and have been urged to bring their own supplies and placards. Prior to that, there will be an official Zuma Must Fall congregation outside Parliament. Kerry Nelson said buses have been sponsored and following their demonstration they will thereafter head off to the UAC event at the Company Gardens.Johannesburg Start Location: Occupation of the Nelson Mandela Bridge  (click here for Google Map) End Location: Static March Start Time: From 10am for two hours March Info:  Unite Against Corruption (UAC) coalition will be hosting and been given the green-light from the city to go ahead with their demonstration (according to News24).  Mark Haywood said there’s been huge interest in the march and they have partnered up with various civil organisations, businesses and trade unions.Port Elizabeth: Start Location: Corner of Holland Street and Govan Mbeki Avenue (click here for Google Map) End Location: Mayor Danny Jordaan's office Start Time: 10 am March Info: The march has been organised by local resident Alter James. James has told the M&G that he has received the necessary go-ahead for the march and marshalls will be located along the route to Danny Jordaan's office to hand over a memorandum lamenting Zuma’s leadership; particularly his poor handling of matters pertaining to Nkandla, the SABC and SAA. Also good to know, is that Jacob Zuma will also be commemorating National Reconciliation Day in Port Elizabeth today and is said to be giving an address at the indoor centre of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s Missionvale Campus from 9 am.Pretoria Start Location: Pretoria Art Museum (click here for Google Map) End Location: Union Buildings Start Time: 9 am March Info:  Supporters of the anti-Zuma movement will meet at the Pretoria Art Museum at the corner of Francis Baard and Johan Streets in Arcadia by 9 am. They will then march to the Union Buildings where they plan to protest until 3 pm.Plettenberg Bay and George A silent protest also under the Zuma Must fall moniker will be held in Plettenberg Bay from 4 – 5.30pm at Plett Main Street. Facebook postings say those interested must bring their own placards, select a spot on the pavement and protest against Zuma’s leadership. In George, there will be a silent picket at Unity Park at the top of York Street from 10 am – 1 pm. Those attending are encouraged to bring posters and to invite friends and family.Durban NO MARCH TODAY...Durban’s anti-Zuma event is scheduled for February 2016. According to queries posted on Facebook, this is so as to allow organisers enough time to prepare. Dubbed the Multi-Million Man March, they have set themselves an ambitious target of at least one million participants.All the best out there today guys![Source: Mail&Guadian]

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