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Goodbye Thembinkosi – Legendary Durban Sandcastle Artist Passes Away

Thembinkosi, one of Durban’s most talented, and well known sandcastle artists has unfortunately passed away.... If you've seen sand artists works of art on Durban's beachfront, you've no doubt been fortunate enough to experience Thembinkosi's work...

He was widely known on Durban beachfront by locals and national and international visitors for his mind blowing creations that both interactively entertained and inspired people. His loss leaves a massive void in the sand art community in Durban.

Jonas Barausse of Street Scene Tours in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal said of Thembinkosi

“Thembinkosi was one of the first sculptors we started working with in 2011.

He was a true talent, arguably the best sand artist Durban had.

He won the Durban Sandcastle Contest in 2012 with his amazing Rhino sculpture and pretty much placed somewhere on the podium every other year. In 2013 we flew in the World Sandcastle champion from the USA to offer a workshop to our artists and Thembinkosi was always front and centre of the class to ensure he got the most from the experience. He was  a great artist with a huge smile and a natural flare for sculpting. Durban’s beachfront just wont be the same without him. There is some red tape to get through for this years event, but you can be sure that if we pull it off, there will be a tribute to the man from his brothers in art…

A fitting commemoration to a true Durban talent.

Here's a few pics that were taken by Luca Barausse Photography

Pic: Luca Barausse Photography


Pic: Luca Barausse Photography

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